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Letter: Bob Smith? No way!

I do so agree with the editorial on Bob Smith, the wannabe dictator (“A tip for Bob Smith: It’s been a long 10 years,” Monitor, Dec. 3).

You talk about looking at a big, burly bully who thinks everyone likes him rather than Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. He’s got to be kidding! We already got rid of the dictator Bill O’Brien, and I was never so glad to see the end of that idiot in my life. O’Brien, you’re another one we don’t need! John Sununu was another who crawled out from under a rock with his big mouth. Who in the world tells these people that they are needed? Did any of them contribute to the well-being of New Hampshire? No! The just think they should be in the position of power because they’re special? Only in their own minds!

These egomaniacs really think they are important to our salvation and do not realize the harm they are really doing. Little minds do great harm!



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