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Letter: Improvement!

The Affordable Care Act has been tweaked and apparently is running much better. People have been signing up without crashes, glitches or error messages – and it’s not costing them the outrageous dollars the health insurance companies would have charged them without it! What happened to all those anti-Obama, anti-Obamacare letter writers? By the way the economy is doing much better, the unemployment rate has dropped and to rub it in Presieent Obama shook hands with Raul Castro!



Legacy Comments2

1) Only a liberal could possibly believe that an 80% success rate in signing up without crashes, glitches or error messages is FIXED. 2) 81% Favor Repealing or Changing Health Care Law. 3) HEADLINE: Euphoria of Obamacare becomes nightmare of higher premiums and deductibles. 4) QUOTE "economy is doing much better" only a low information voter does not know that the labor force participation rate is down to 62.8%, the lowest level since 1978. 5) The five yardsticks of presidential job approval are ...honesty, handling of the economy, strong leadership, and the public’s impression of him personally. NObama is way underwater on all five and that is extraordinary, if not unprecedented. 6) "Obama Worship Syndrome." Primarily affecting low-information voters and members of the mainstream media, Obama Worship Syndrome attributes impossible capabilities to Obama's political opponents, finds excuses for every Obama failure in everyone around him and praises the president as the finest politician — nay, human being — of our time.”

Giving credit where credit is due...The name and town are correct in this letter.

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