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Letter: Unacceptable and obscene

Interesting juxtaposition on the Monitor’s Dec. 10 front page: the story about the BOWW prison gang and the world leaders heading to Nelson Mandela’s memorial.

How could you justify wasting such space with the BOWW story when one of the greatest leaders of all time story was relegated to below the fold? Mandela was a hero who spent time in hell only for speaking out against apartheid and never wavered in his conviction that equality for all was a basic human right. To have him even have to share ink with a story about white thugs is unacceptable and obscene.

The editorial staff and the writers of the BOWW series should be ashamed of themselves and offer a public apology for both writing and publishing such drivel. BOWW stories don’t deserve a place in your paper, let alone a front-page series that gives them the attention they desire. Shame on you.



Legacy Comments1

does anybody care to tell the readers why Mandela spent 27 years in prison

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