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Letter: Andrew’s Bill makes sense

Re “Facts about trapping” (Monitor letter, Dec. 3):

Andrew’s Bill does not ban trapping. It is about restricting archaic, inhumane, indiscriminate traps.

The fact that the law states all trappers must check their traps every 24 hours isn’t consoling. What if the animal gets caught in the trap an hour after set? He may linger there for 23 hours or more terrified, struggling to get free – only to be stomped or crushed or killed another way, so as not to damage the coat being ripped off his back, when the trapper returns.

I would hope trappers are required to obtain permission from landowners before traps are placed. We should be able to walk on our own property without fear of getting a body part caught in a trap or finding a pet or wild animal stuck in one.

Andrew’s death certainly can be pinned on the trapping community. It wasn’t his owner or any other person who set the trap. It was a New Hampshire legally licensed trapper.

Why would trappers be so opposed to changing to a humane trap? You could still catch and kill your animals. No one is stopping you from doing that. Andrew’s Bill merely seeks to prevent people and pets from becoming caught in cruel traps.

New Hampshire residents are a compassionate and caring people. Together we can end the cruel methods currently being used by trappers like some other states have done already.

Andrew’s death will then not have been in vain.



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