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Letter: Is this the best she can do?

I just learned that U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is co-sponsor for a bill to limit spending on oil paintings of government officials. Good idea – but pennies.

We are trillions of dollars in debt, and is this the best she can do? She also wants Congress to do a biennial budget. The House of Representatives has submitted several budgets. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not bring them to the Senate floor to discuss. So why biennial?

It seems as if Shaheen is proposing bills so that the ill-informed voter might think she is doing her job. Well, I am somewhat informed and am wondering: Is this the best she can do? We need a balanced budget. That might cost her some votes. I want a senator who represents the residents of New Hampshire. I want a senator who makes the hard votes for the betterment of New Hampshire and the country. Maybe we will get one in the next election.



Legacy Comments2

Obviously you are ill- informed otherwise you would have recalled another land mark bill she introduced regarding the reform of sugar subsidies, which has had a tremendous impact on " the middle class" and "working families". It changed my life. Her leadership has been inspiring.

satire - right?

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