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Letter: Cliches? No way!

Re “In 2nd District, talk is less than enlightening” (Monitor Opinion page, Dec. 10):

The Valley News editor who penned the column on Rep. Marlinda Garcia’s comments – “I believe America is the last great hope on Earth” and “Americans are less confident that their children and grandchildren can achieve the American dream” – believes that these are tired clichés. Sorry, it’s called conservatism.

Conservatism is not an ideology; it is a way of life and set of core beliefs that a free country, founded on individual choice and smaller government, is better than a society controlled by a few politicians believing that they know what is best for you (see Obamacare). Our forefathers set up a system of government that has yielded the greatest prosperity in the history of civilization. Conservatives believe that if you dream big, work hard and understand that freedom comes with self-responsibility, anything is possible. It is a positive message, genuine and based on traditional values, mores and ethics which have also stood the test of time. Conservatives believe in equal opportunity to create a positive outcome but not government-guaranteed equal outcomes. Too often this is referred to as “extreme” by progressives.

Progressives employ negative messages: “war on women,” “obstructionists,” “right-wing extremists,” “brinksmanship,” etc. Progressivism is an ideology of social change based on current cultural ideals and thought. In place of discussing the issues, progressives attempt to shame others into silence by employing “isms” and “phobias” to paint others as out of touch. If the Valley News editor is looking for clichés, he should look to progressives.



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