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Letter: Ayotte has it right

The Concord Monitor has it wrong when it comes to our military retirees and the budget plan that just passed (“Budget deal is worth supporting,” editorial, Dec. 18). Sen. Kelly Ayotte – to her great credit – has it right.

What happened to the concept of “shared sacrifice?”

Why are the men and women wearing the uniform of the United States – the 1 percent of us who volunteered to keep the rest of us safe – the only group being asked to sacrifice their promised, hard-fought benefits? More shamefully, this budget deal takes away 1 percent of each year’s COLA from our medically retired military members, many of whom saw multiple deployments over the last decade and returned home with grievous wounds and injuries.

Ayotte knows an outrage when she sees one. While she has fought hard to prevent government shutdowns and voted against the deal that gave us the sequester, she does not believe a budget deal should come at the expense of those who have given the most to our country. Civilian federal employees were grandfathered. No such protections were offered our veterans and current serving personnel. The editors of the Concord Monitor need to wake up and support our military. Thankfully, Ayotte already knows this.



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