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Letter: Cumberland Farms is an enabler

Let’s see, Cumberland Farms posts its property, then rightfully has vehicles towed, then turns around and repays the kids for the towing and gives them gift cards. Yes sir, that really taught them a lesson.

Since when does a piece of unused property by default become student property? Why does Cumberland Farms have to notify the school? These high school kids can’t read the “No Parking” signs? That speaks volumes about our educators. I saw the signs myself, so I know they were there.

Of the six students who wrote about this issue for the Monitor (Forum page, Dec. 20), five actually got the picture. Kyler Thayer appears to have no concept of the real world. Of the remaining five, I admire Hanul Lee for having the best grasp.

Some of these kids apparently discussed the possibility of their cars being towed. That proves two things: They saw the posted signs, and they made the choice to disregard it.

Cumberland Farms becomes the enabler here. Come on, parents, instill some values in your kids!



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this is another perfect example how the liberal progressive democrats have destroyed America. I seriously doubt Ward Cleaver would have allowed Wally or the Beaver to behave that way

You are right, it is further decay of our society by those who see the world as "relative" and whose moral, ethical and political compass is so far askew that there is little hope this country will ever unite. It starts with a belief in something bigger than our leaders and is directly related to the breakdown of the American family.

I will remind you that I, one of the resident liberals here, made the very same point as the letter-writer several days ago. This is NOT about liberalism vs. conservatism. There are plenty on both sides that are enabling their children to ignore personal responsibility.

Fantastic letter and you are absolutely correct! However, Cumberland Farms, if they do not want people on that strip of property, should fence it off. Unfortunately, the students commenting are a mirror reflection of the parents and values they have been taught. I again congratulate Hanul for stepping it up and telling it like it is!!

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