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Letter: We found terrific savings from health law

My wife Susan and I enrolled in the Affordable Care Act Wednesday night. I am 63, and she is 54. The website was very easy to get through, and the questions were quite simple.

We will have a total monthly premium of $106 for the best of the three Silver plans offered. The Bronze plan would have had cost nothing because the tax credit would have paid for it all. This is going to be great for all those people on low incomes who never had a chance to get insurance. And for those middle class folks with properties who live week-to-week with no health insurance, it’s going to be a great help to them.

We were so happy with the savings, we splurged and went to Delta Dental and bought its Preferred Plan.

Sure, it doesn’t beat single payer, but it beats unfettered capitalism’s options of the past.



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The issue is that people working 40-60 hours per week or two income households will pay exponentially more money so that others can be subsidized. People who have taken responsibility for their own health care for decades and already paid in a fortune will now pay much, much more with premiums doubling and deductibles rising 500%. The bottom line is that the family of four, living in Concord will pay an average premium of $700 per month and have a deductible of about $12,000. Imagine what they will have to go without to subsidize others. Just saying.

the beginning of the NObamaKare recession

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