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Letter: Happier down south?

I assume it will not escape notice that 11 of the 25 published responses (44 percent) on the issue of the differences between Massachusetts and New Hampshire (Sunday Monitor Forum, Dec. 22) were from Arnie Arnesen.

Based on most of her responses, one might think she would be a lot happier if she moved to Massachusetts.



Legacy Comments1

I too was puzzled as to why they gave Arnie so much ink in that column. Perhaps it was because she sent in so many answers to the question, and they didn't get enough responses from other folks to fill up a whole column without printing all of her's. Isn't she originally from Minnesota? I think that state's politics are much more closely aligned with MA than NH. Then again, I here tell of a passel of folks who moved up here from flatlander country to start a little thing called the "Free State Movement" - perhaps they should've stayed home too?

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