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Letter: Insulting generalizations

Re “We are cultivating a nation of Scrooges” (Sunday Monitor Forum, Dec. 22):

The insulting generalizations of Katy Burns’s column need to be challenged.

As a conservative Republican, I take umbrage with her conclusions.

The fact that I am a conservative Republican who believes in fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and limited government does not indicate that I am uncharitable, mean or judgmental.

My husband and I have always paid our taxes and understand “the price of civilization.” In fact, Burns might be surprised to learn that I have a son (a West Pointer, like her husband) who is spending Christmas in Afghanistan and another son who teaches high school English in an inner-city public school.

Being charitable and serving others is a choice we make as a family, as do many of my like-minded Republican friends.

Just as Burns is uneasy that many in our “enormously blessed country . . . will go without this Christmas,” so are we. Democrats and independents do not have a corner on compassion. We, too, are giving regularly to local charities and working in The Friendly Kitchen.

We are paying fair wages to our employees and treating them kindly. In fact, my husband has always paid his employees, including high school students, significantly more than the minimum wage.

We are not miserly. We are not unmerciful. We are not Scrooges. We simply believe that, generally, people and the private sector solve problems more effectively and efficiently than government does. It’s about philosophy, not about heart.



Legacy Comments6

Mary, I completely agree with you on this matter. Generalizations are always dangerous to make and never apply to all. Unfortunately there is this ludicrous belief in ultra partisanship. No longer can we disagree on a topic without someone accusing us of being a left wing socialist or a right wing zealot. Just when did everything become an issue of us or them. The one point of view that is so often overlooked is that of vast majority of those that are more independent in our beliefs than either extreme of the political spectrum. If this were not true then how did President Obama get elected to a second term?

" did President Obama get elected to a second term??" By waging a very effective negative campaign. Voting..its the best revenge...right?

One only needs to take the example of the unceasing distortions of fact that have emanated from the Carp Per Diem brigade here on any and every issue since the 2008 election, find its parallels in many communities across the country, to know who waged the real 'negative campaign'.

Translation: "I have an ideology and it is right. How dare these other traditional thinkers bring up any facts that don't agree with my march towards what I know is right. Well, I will deny, deny, deny and dazzle them with words from sites that agree with my views and I will play fast and loose with the propaganda. Then I will try to make them look like the extremists. And when they respond I will brand them the Carp Per Diem brigade".

Looks like your irony-meter has been off for a while. Despite your lame attempt to claim victimization, your frequent posts that have little factual content, and your reliance on ad-hominen attacks, name-calling, and straw men in their stead, tell readers who the ideologue really is. Cheap-shot posts, filled with repetitive inaccuracies and distortions, are routine and have earned you a place in the Carp Per Diem Brigade. You're entitled to your opinion--but not your own facts.

Check out those latest posts. Straw men, would those not be things like Paul Ryan in an ad rolling a woman in a wheelchair off of a cliff or senior choosing between food and medicine or seniors eating dog food or more money is needed for the children or "Bush is to blame" for all of Obama's failures and shortcomings. Would name calling not qualify as comments like "tea-baggers", "right wing extremists", "carpe per diem", etc. Cheap shot posts? Re-read your post here, full of cheap shots. Facts? Every one of your facts come from cherry picked sites that parrot your ideology. This is an "opinion" forum, not a R&D site where we manipulate statistics to prove the other person wrong. You're entitled to facts but not manipulated and massaged facts when the reality on the ground is starkly different.

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