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Letter: A political sea lamprey

State Rep. Rick LeVasseur’s “explanation” of the Tea Party phenomenon (Monitor letter, Dec. 19) is typical of the self-important bombast that seems to be all this movement is capable of producing.

His letter calls itself an explanation yet doesn’t contain one. Perhaps that’s appropriate for something that calls itself a party but isn’t one.

Why isn’t the Tea Party a party, anyway? Perhaps it’s because it has no unity, no program, no organization, no methodology. Instead, it has a beautiful dream of imposing constitutional Shariah law on the country, which in its fevered fantasy will instantly perform radical liposuction on the federal government, thus restoring our polity to an Arcadian state of individual liberation. This, it intones, is what the founders intended. Never mind the details, okay?

To accomplish this sacred aim, the Tea Party has eschewed the corruptions and compromises of ordinary consensus-building and has shape-shifted into a political sea lamprey. It is now busily engaged sucking the life out of the Republican Party, whose empty husk it will reanimate as soon as every last RINO is extinct. The belated realization by mainstream Republicans that their party is being parasitized by political pod-people will make for rich entertainment as we head for the great Tea Party showdown in 2016.

That’s the real value of LeVasseur’s “explanation.” It promises wondrous absurdities yet to come, perhaps even enough to make me stop missing Bill O’Brien.



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yeah....nothing absurd about a debt crisis...When we get to 100% of the public that say we are headed in the wrong direction..can we do something ya think???

The thing that gets me is that the government has been running massive deficits for several decades, but nobody ever got hot and bothered about it until the current President took office. Now please do not misinterpret my saying this to think that I'm not concerned about the debt - I am. But why is it a crisis now, when it apparently never was before?

Of course it was an issue...Reagan took a beating from conservatives for increasing the debt..still does

Nice try, but could you instead please try to explain where the Tea Party and all the other Republicans were when a Republican administration turned a Democratic administration's historic debt DEcrease into a historic debt INcrease? Clearly the only real "debt" "crisis" is the Tea Party's other Republicans' deficit of honest interest in the nation's public good.

to simplistically compare a few hundred billion debt of the Bush presidency which was an affordable GDP/debt ratio..... to the Obama lawlessness and annual deficits of $1.5 TRILLION is fools gold for the uninformed. Obama and the democrats actions have been the sole recruiter to the grassroots movement to return to govt under the constitution

Don't expect any explanations, According to most of the conservative posters here, this deficit is all on Obama and that no Republican administration caused any.

BeancounterNH - great question! I hope you stimulate a lot of good answers. This ought to be a completely non-partisan topic. If we can't come together to make a balanced budget soon, we'll all march together off the financial cliff.

To common ground below...nice try...tell me when it was the debt decreased...

G-dub, I believe there were about five or six years of surpluses during the Clinton administration

Bean...the national debt has increased every year since the 80's...look it up.

New plate! New cup!

Letter of the week!

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