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Mike Marland, Feb. 19, 2013

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Once again, this proves without a doubt that progressives are interested in ideology, not the facts. It has been proven without a doubt that Obama lied on several occasions and the press covered for him. He could have cared less. If these deaths occurred on Bush's watch, it would have been elevated by the press to the level of a question of Bush's ability to lead. It is not surprising that Marland would draw such a cartoon, after all, his now famous one of Bush piloting a jet into the twin towers speaks of his depraved sense of ethics and morality. It reveals his ignorance, lack of character and lack of class. Small time cartoonist, small time commentary.

The fake outrage, the aligning with 2 old men with no connection with NH, allowing them to use her as a prop, making this a partisan issue, ignoring the base reasons for the attack and not doing anything to fix them... Ayotte using this to as an opportunity is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Marland has no issues with being tasteless. Nor do many other folks who believe that all was done to protect that embassy. Then we have Soltani getting off for playing Robo Cop. Just goes to show you how dumb we all have become when we accept the fact that we have become uninformed and instead are willing to look the other way. Nobody is held accountable for anything it seems. And shame on us for allowing that to happen. Just think about the message we are sending to our kids.

Outrageous: Four American die including an American Ambassador and the Obama didn't lift a finger about it and it is a mole hill. American soil is attacked and Obama and his administration lie about it for weeks in order to get elected and it is a mole hill. Perhaps to a talent-less sycophantic cartoonist it is a mole hill.

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