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Report to Readers

Report to Readers: KenKen wins the puzzle contest

We have a clear winner in our “Pick A Puzzle” contest – as well as a new challenge for Monitor readers.

First, the winner: KenKen was the choice of 99 participants, followed by 66.5 votes for 7 Little Words and 35.5 votes for Word Roundup (more on those half votes in a minute).

As a result, KenKen will join our Monday through Saturday lineup beginning Thursday. Enjoy!

To recap, we asked readers last week to help us choose a new puzzle for the daily newspaper. We published samples of three puzzles over nine days and asked folks to try them out and vote for their favorite. The voting closed Wednesday at noon.

Many people seemed to get instantly addicted to one or more of the puzzles. A few people simply couldn’t choose and told us their two favorites. Florida might have considered such votes hanging chads and tossed them out – but the softies here at the Monitor Puzzles Department awarded a half-point to each of the two puzzles in such cases.

Several participants wondered why we could only add one new puzzle – which did get us thinking.

There is a limit to the space in the newspaper we can devote to puzzles (not to mention a limit to our puzzles budget). But it’s quite possible that at least a few regular Monitor features have run their course. Perhaps we could replace something old with something new. Specifically, we’re wondering if there’s still an audience for these three features:

∎ The Goren Bridge column;

∎ The Marvin comic strip;

∎ The Dennis the Menace comic strip.

So, here’s our next challenge for puzzle fans: Let us know how attached you are to any or all of these features. Would you hate to see them go? Would you be happy to see one of them replaced by 7 Little Words, our second-place finisher in the puzzle contest?

Send a note to or “Pick A Puzzle,” Concord Monitor, PO Box 1177, Concord, NH 03302-1177 and let us know what you think.

(Felice Belman can be reached at or 369-3370.)

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There is a large group who meet once a week (I think) in Bow during a week day.

I be curious to see if anybody plays bridge anymore. Back in the 60's and 70's, my aunt & uncle ranked high nationally and had a room full of trophys, but since then, I never knew anybody who played it.

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