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Letter: Some questions for the GOP

In his letter “Obamacare questions” Monitor, Jan. 7), Jim Mayotte posed 14 questions to Democratic members of Congress. I have only three questions for Mayotte and Republicans, but first some facts.

President Harry Truman first proposed universal health care 65 years ago, which Republicans killed. Republicans fought against Medicare, the most popular program government has created. They fought against Medicaid and killed President Bill Clinton’s health care proposal in the 1990s. Now they are fighting Obamacare, even though it is based upon a plan developed by conservative Republican think tanks. During all this time they have never once put forth any realistic health care alternatives, preferring to just say “no” to everything.

My questions are as follows:

Why are Republicans willing to spend trillions of dollars to supposedly protect Americans from death by foreign armies but say we can’t afford to prevent deaths caused by the ravages of disease?

How many hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in the past 65 years because Republicans denied them basic health care?

And finally, at what point, if ever, will Republicans put the lives of American men, women and children ahead of their philosophy of “survival of the fittest”?



Legacy Comments14

NEWS FLASH: Representative Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told C-SPAN's "Newsmakers" programs that Democrats support and will vote for a $9 billion cut in the federal food stamp program known as SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Not too long ago this paper and the Carpe Diem progressive socialists LIDV demonized Republicans over this cut . WHERE IS THE LEFTIST OUTRAGE ?- simple ......this massively biased rag refuses to cover real news - that is why their readers are LIDV

Steve, question 2 and 3 don't lend themselves to answers. I don't think any republican has directly led to any deaths. A better question would revolve around making preventative care more available. Instead of relying on emergency room care of something that could have been readily prevented................ As to the third question, that one is just plain loaded. When it comes to real wealth, there really is not much distinction when it comes to politics. Everyday rules don't apply at the upper extremes. There is an air of indifference towards the poor at times but I think it is not necessarily across the board for republicans, it is more from the very vocal minority of the party and not the mainstream...... Right now we have a siege mentality in politics and as a result little desire to fix anything, rather than to place blame and play the us/them card while ignoring all the levelheaded voters in between the two extremes.

100% incorrect premises - it is a waste of time trying to have serious talks with dems. They make up ridiculous numbers and accredit them to incorrect sources. How could you possibly work out anything with people that shamelessly do this? It's like trying to have a meaningful discussion about what type of cheese the moon is made of, fraudulent on it's initial premise. In other HEADLINES for the I KID U NOT FILE......." House Democrats propose national park on the moon"

Before we can have a National Park there we would need this - "COCOA, Fla. — Newt Gingrich told a cheering crowd along Florida's Space Coast late Wednesday that he would establish a permanent colony on the moon, and develop a spacecraft that can get to Mars, by the end of his second term as president." Add that to your I KID U NOT FILE......

I will answer those questions for you Steve. In actuality I agree that we should, especially in the Middle East, allow the 12th century mindset bunch to war amongst themselves over such trivial matters. I do think that we should arm ourselves to the teeth and be ready but have a military so strong that no one dares mess with us. But you are correct, we need investment within our country, to heck with the rest of the world. To my knowledge NO Republican has ever denied anyone healthcare, that is hyperbole and rhetoric designed to demonize another group of people with whom you are not politically and ideologically aligned. Your final question is, likewise the same kind of question but I will answer that one. It is NOT about "survival of the fittest", it is about how much are we responsible for peoples lifestyle choices, etc. More people are becoming dependents and less are pulling the cart. I just have to say, where does it all end?

This applies aptly to those on the Left who have never found a government program paid for by other that they love. I heard this on the radio yesterday: "it is so cold outside today that Democrats have their hands in their 'own' pockets". How appropriate.

Rush Limbaugh? He can be very funny without meaning to.


Wrong again and again Tillie - Jay Leno is the author of that joke. But it is good to see you never ever waver in your unwarranted attacks on the makers of society.

Sorry Sail, that joke goes back way further than Jay Leno, and Leno certainly isn't the only one repeating it these days. Since it was radio, it could very well have been Rush who delivered the joke to Itsa's appreciative ears. Leno is not on the radio.

It is less important where it was uttered and more important as to how true it is.

Of course real Americans can actually go look at Jay Leno say the joke in his monologue this week and also see that the Rush transcripts do NOT contain the joke.

Again you use the term "real Americans". The mere fact that you use this phrase is proof that you do not know what an American is. "Americans, or American people, are citizens of the United States of America. " Last time I checked, I was both a citizen and a democrat. Time to retake US History 101 or check your meds.

Pray tell who are the "makers of society"? Rush Limberger the druggie. Itsa or Jay Leno?

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