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Letter: Wind farm is unwanted here

This is not about debating the economics, aesthetics, engineering or need of ridgeline industrial wind in the Lakes Region. This is about the behavior of a company, Iberdrola Renewables, that seems to be operating under an incredible disconnect from the people it claims to want to serve.

The Spanish multinational has continually stated, “If you don’t want us, we’ll leave.” Since then, the company has lost every vote taken. Glossy mailers, friendly press coverage, the promise of alleged economic benefit, and a near-unlimited PR budget. Result? Never more than 33 percent support in open referendum. And they claim “Well, it’s not representative.”

That’s a bold statement, considering the recent referendum in Danbury, which saw greater than a 2-1 rejection of the Wild Meadows Project. That vote actually drew more total voters than did the 2013 general election (46 percent vs. 39 percent).

Iberdrola officials said if we didn’t want them, they’d leave. They were sent here to win the hearts and minds of the locals. They’ve failed. Beyond that, the safety of the Groton installation has been called into question. The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee has deemed the Wild Meadows application “incomplete,” citing numerous deficiencies. The list goes on and on. Businesses have gains and losses. Iberdrola needs to realize this is a losing cause. To throw additional money at these projects is to do a disservice to its shareholders.

You made your case. It was rejected. Cut your losses. Keep your promise. Leave.


Alexandria and Suwanee, Ga.

Legacy Comments42

I tire of the environmental extremists, the global warming hysterics commenting on what they claim is "settled" science and yet in their own lives they talk the talk but don't walk the walk. A fine example is a gentleman in my town who preaches about global warming yet he and his wife each drive a V-6 Toyota Highlander, heat with oil and own a boat and snow mobiles and he goes on and on about alternative fuels, etc. I see bumper stickers about saving the planet and get us off of fossil fuels on pickup trucks, the lowest cafe standard vehicles. Particularly those big Chevy, Ford and RAM monsters on the highway. Even Toyota pickup trucks get only 21 MPG and I can't tell you how many of them are on the road with global warming / environment bumper stickers. Then you have so many Vermont Saabs and Volvos speeding by you on I-89 with all kinds of "cause" bumper stickers about the environment and green messages. The preachy crowd sure can tell us all how to live but few live by those same rules. Until they start driving hybrids and Volts and practice what they preach, they should maybe not be so preachy. I care about the environment and I support renewable fuels but until we can develop them, we should not diminish our prosperity by hamstringing ourselves with Draconian, self perpetuated hurdles and road blocks.

Hysterical much? People for the American Way, Common Cause, and the others have a 'socialist agenda'? Maybe,by your lights, but so what? If you can't argue on the facts--just resort to name-calling. CELFD a nefarious organization? Because of (your words) "pushing shared water use of private wells"? Shocking! Isn't that how private wells work, since they generally draw from the same aquifer? Unless a Nestle or other corporation comes into a community and draws down that aquifer by mining it for profit, potentially to the detriment of that community. And it's not "human rights" for wildlife, it's advocating for legal standing as other than a commodity to be used--that is, the quaint notion that nature has some intrinsic value beyond the purely economic. It's a notion that has been around for centuries. St. Francis would approve. ALICE I had to look up, I'd never heard of it. To compare it to ALEC in influence is laughable. It seems confined to Wisconsin, where it will have its work cut out for it, as the Koch Brothers are doing their level best to turn Wisconsin into a northern version of Alabama, or Guatemala.

This post was meant as a response to Itsa's post way below.

My point is and was that ALEC is one organization, on the other side there are hundreds, inlcuding ACORN which I left out. All of them are impactful, just because ALEC gets more traction, I say too bad. You have equal funding to many organizations including Media Matters from George Soros, the Sandlers and many other left leaning supporters. I think that the hysteria is on the part of progressives with ALEC.

ACORN is out of business.

ACORN should be out of business as they wreaked havoc on our system since I can remember. Now, they are reorganizing and joining other groups. From Wikipedia: "As part of the effort by some chapters to stay afloat by severing ties with the national organization, members and staff of California ACORN founded a new organization, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment,[8] New York ACORN members and staff founded New York Communities for Change,[10] and an offshoot of the ACORN organization called Acorn Housing changed its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America[114] yet has retained the same tax and employee identification numbers that it held under its former name"

They are allowed to reform into other organizations if they want.. Funny how you don't mention what else it says on Wikipedia, how the video by O'Keefe was edited to falsify information about Acorn, and Acorn was found to not have done any wrong. But the it was too late, the BIG LIE stuck. This was how McCarthy worked too, with innuendo and mud throwing..

1) Former Employee: ACORN Still Alive and Well : 2)ACORN renamed, still claiming tax exemptions

Nope he won't believe it from the NY Times. If it ain't on Fox it ain't true. (note to GWTW, grammar mistakes intended).

Well I am lost. We don't want wind, we don't want hydro, we don't want fracking, we don't want nuclear, we don't want coal. Solar?


oil, black gold, texas tea.....y'all come back now ya hear!

The gentleman "in" Georgia is "from" New Hampshire. He was born, raised and educated in the Newfound area. He brings his family back to visit every summer and is a member of our community. Our second home owners, who pay a lot of real estate taxes, are also members of our community. They don't have a vote, but they do have a voice and we welcome that.

Not sure why people in Georgia get priority over people from New Hampshire on issues in New Hampshire. Wonder if they would like me to stick my nose in that mega coal plant built in Washington Co, GA - that will have untold effects on the climate and real impacts on health?? I wonder if they would like that.

We need more coal and more jobs and climate change is not caused by man, it is a political issue used by progressives.

By all means lets do away with every advancement that has come about since the 19th century, would that make you happy. Those pesky progressives that seem to care about the planet, we'd be better off without them, Right? Should make the ostrich the GOP symbol, why worry when you can stick your head in the sand. I still don't get the specifics on why climate change is so political.

Please, spare us the hyberbole. Progressives answer to everything is a train, a windmill or austerity and a diminishing prosperity all based on unsettled science impacted by political ideology.

Here we go with the bales of straw again. And did someone mention hyperbole?

Can't wait until you folks start calling for the return of the horse and buggy. Then you will be complaining about how much the CEO of the buggy whip manufacturer is making.

Find one instance where I have ever advocated a train. As for diminished prosperity, that's a no brainer. Everyone learned to expect double digit returns during the bubble years. Some brilliant financial wiz's found a way to have us spend our equity in our homes. Thus paper wealth was born. This was also when corporate America gave the shaft to American workers to increase profits for their investors, and so on. Bottom line is you can't correct our deficit without some very austere actions. Cutting social programs only won't cut it. As to coal, there is sufficient proof that coal fired plants are fraught with health dangers without even going near global warming. Tillie is right, no Windmills, no Northern Pass, no solar - just what do conservatives mean when they say they are pro business, what kind of business?

The answer to your last question is: money, money, money. If it was cheaper to believe in climate change, the right would be for it. .

Please save your sermon, you comment is not clever and could not be further from the truth.

FACTS aren't political: No significant warming for 17 years 4 months, By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley : post 7 of 12 on 1/19

Basic math ands statistics failure from the poster above--for the umpteenth time. You'd expect more care with numbers from one who is always railing about the state of public education today, and how much better it used to be. Maybe the poster had the benefits of a private school education. The deniers are playing with the numbers. They take 1998, by one surface temp record the warmest year, and begin their graph there. Take out 1998, the warmest El Nino year on record to date, and the upward trend continues and is clear to see. Or use a different data set, like NASA/GISS. Or use them all in combination. Or better yet, use 10 year averages, and see the up-slope.

Blog, Word Press, ourchangingclimate.wordpress, All opinion and agenda sites.

All provide links to the science, which is more than yours or sail's posts on climate change ever do. Also, the first link is written by an astronomer, the second and third by a statistician, the fourth by a physicist commenting on climate scientist Andrew Dessler's recent statement to a Congressional committee. Look up the science credentials of "Christopher Monckton of Brenchley" , one of sail's go-to guys on climate science, sometime. Hint: he has none. Then look up his other eminent go-to climate scientist, James Delingpole of the esteemed "Telegraph".

to bad they don't teach Graph reading in public schools - It would have saved a lot of embarrassing rhetoric in the Bruce excuse of the day #293

Try looking at that "graph" more closely, and then compare it to other graphs with a slightly longer time frame. Monckton is being dishonest and or deluding himself. I'm not the one who should be embarrassed at being fooled by an English twit who also falsely claims that a supposed "ban" on DDT cost the lives of millions in the third world. He's made no shortage of outrageous claims that, when examined, are shown to be false. This is one you happen to repeat often. Either you're unable to understand the data, unwilling to make the effort to understand it, or are content to knowingly post falsehoods. Which is it? should stop doing BigCoal's bidding for them. They won't pay you and it just shows how little you really know about global warming. Really, you have an opinion based upon GOP mentality. You need to educate yourself!! Go to the library and check out the book Overheated by Mat Guzman. He's an economist/lawyer, not a politician or scientist. I double dare you to read that book !! Or would you rather continue to show how little you know about world climatology??

I have read that and I have read many other books and reports and studies, etc. I am well read. I don't buy it, too many politically motivated individuals, Al Gore being one of those are making millions on the hysteria. I believe that the climate is changing but I don't believe that man can impact it to any great extent. I DO NOT play the armchair quarterback pretending to know much about climatology as many posters on this site do; stringing facts together to come up with a reason why we are evil and over consume and need to trade prosperity for a science which is neither exact or anywhere near settled. To your double dare, taken. One more notes, no two economists seem to agree on much and most lawyers are some of the most unsavory folks around. Please don't ask me to "educate" myself, you might be surprised.

Information : Germany has abandoned its politically correct baloney GREEN initiates and is building 10 new COAL power plants - 2 to be finished next year. post 4 of 12 on 1/19

For some people , "believing is seeing", and they can't and won't be confused by the facts.

Germany’s economy minister to cut the support price paid for electricity from solar and wind power generators by about a third by 2015, according to a draft proposal for one of the most challenging economic reforms facing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new government. This will immediately kill wind and solar projects. The subsidies are largely borne by households, whose bills have almost doubled to an average of 300 euros ($410) per megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy over the past decade to become some of the highest in Europe.

HEADLINES: Obama EPA chief Gina McCarthy unable to say if the world has gotten warmer:

HEADLINES: CBS NOAA, Earth had its 4th warmest year on record in 2013. Google it since you seem to be bored on your vacation and can't stop posting.

Yeah, maybe we can look like China and some Capitalist can make a fortune selling little white masks.

Robert Piehler-(my Dad) lives in Alexandria, NH I (Scott) live in GA. Combined letter.

Seems as if our elected politicians don't care if NH becomes the dumping ground for foreign and domestic energy projects that don't benefit us. Northern Pass is a good example. Our neighboring states would demand that the lines be buried on defined energy corridors that would generate tax revenue for the state. Not NH. That needs to change.

capt...doesn't it make you wonder how many of our elected politicians went to the ALEC conference and now does their bidding??

The press constantly focuses on ALEC but are you aware of ALICE? ALICE is the progressive version of ALEC and they do the same things to local government and state legislatures, they try to support their agenda. Have you heard of CELDF? CELDF is a nefarious organization that supports more or less a socialist agenda at the local town and community level pushing shared water use of private wells and giving human rights to wildlife. Not to mention Color of Change, People for the American Way, Common Cause, Media Matters, Center for Media and Democracy, etc.

ALEC budget is $7 million - look it up. Teachers union NEA spent $400 million last election cycle - i love it when the left gets scared of little old ALEC

They just don't want anyone but the organizations they support to have a say.

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