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Facebook to Hassan: Don’t veto pot bill!

Judging from Gov. Maggie Hassan’s Facebook page, there are a lot of frustrated pot-smokers out there.

Hassan has threatened to veto the bill legalizing marijuana that passed the House this week. That threat has drawn a blizzard of angry responses online. Not a scientific poll, to be sure, but an eye-opening example of the passion behind supporters of this measure. Here’s a small sampling:

Phillip Allard: “Mrs. Hassan, I voted for you. If you veto HB 492, I will definitely not vote for you again and I will actively urge others not to vote for you as well. You seem like a nice lady, but you have this one all wrong, and it would be sad to see you throw away your political career on one silly vote.”

Daniel Kennedy: “Does your stance have anything to do with ties to the timber industry? Do they feel threatened by one step towards the full utilization of hemp? Do you wholeheartedly believe this change we seek is not part of a progressive move forward? I implore you to seek reason. The masses are speaking of change in every corner of New Hampshire. From the work places to social media sites to grocery store check out lines. Please do not stand there and talk to us like children. Leave the parenting to the parents. You are an elected official. Elected by the people for the people. Act like it.”

Barrod Jones: “Veto marijuana legislation against the will of your own electorate? Are you okay?”

Krista Ebbs: “Listen to the people that worked hard to help you get into office and to the people you are representing!”

Sharla Bailey: “Enforce the majority vote and let New Hampshire legalize marijuana. How deep have the lobbyists lined your pockets that you have to so ignorant to wants of your citizens? Stop making excuses. You want to veto, I want to impeach.”

Jarred Martineau: “Ma’am, You represent us, not your own morality. I canvased New Hampshire on your behalf, I knocked thousands of doors, I walked six hours though the hurricane of October 2012, and I told each one of them at their door that you would represent them wholly. Your people have spoken, Put up or step down.”

Geri Loya: Gov. Hassan, I am a neighbor in Vermont. I would implore you to reconsider your veto on legalization of marijuana. I know that Vermont government is watching and waiting to see how this plays out. Your agreeing with your citizens would have a huge impact on the decisions made in my state. Please, reconsider and stand with your citizens. Stand with us all in making a positive change.

Shannon Ayers: I voted for you! It was my belief that you were going to listen to the people. Disappointed in government is beginning to be an understatement! Listen to the people, Maggie, they have spoken to you!

Matthew Romigh: Gov. Hassan, you would do well to remember that you are a public servant, and not the public’s nanny.

By vetoing HB 492 you will prove that you don’t care about the voice of the people you serve and will lose the votes of people like myself. I strongly urge you to reconsider your position and think of the economic gains the state will reap in taxes and tourism, and the upswell of public support for your re-election. Not to mention that a bill such as this will be passed in the end with or without you. You can be a historic leader of a great state, or you can be yet another lackluster politician riding the coattails of great leaders.

The choice is yours. Show the people that have heard their voice and will submit to their will whether you agree with it or not. Do not veto HB 492.

Bill Miller: Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb stance on marijuana. If you want to help addicts, end prohibition and put it out in the open, not in the market of the drug dealer. Drug dealers, pharmaceutical companies, alcohol companies, lobbyists and corporations support you! Organized crime supports your stance. We the People do not.

Jones Senpai: This is no longer about marijuana! It’s about the 99 percent having a say in the way we live our lives!

Catherine Cook: Gov. Hassan, the people of New Hampshire voted you into office to lead us, not to push your personal beliefs on the live free or die state. You are only prolonging legislation that is inevitable once you are voted out of office.

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So, i guess we're going to have all the uneducated know it all's, speak out against what they haven't even taken the time to research. Medicine, food, clothing, paper, building materials, increased revenue, none of those are good reasons to legalize? Ignorant bias goes way too far in the country ....

TO THE PATHETIC BLOVIATING HORDE: So, increasingly impressed by the forceful individual arguments articulated by these Facebook posters, I turned to you Commenters, hoping against hope that even if you disagreed (with what appears to be a unanimous position of those visiting the gubernatorial Facebook page), you might actually engage in reasoned debate -- you know, find some possibly-overlooked rational points that might actually support a veto. Sadly, quoth Mose Allison: Your minds are on vacation and your mouths are working overtime. Your mind-numbed and mind-numbingly repetitive ad hominem attacks, without a scintilla of factual support, have apparently finally ground down and driven away the few voices of reason who tried to engage your higher brain stems. Congratulations: Enjoy your vacuous echo chamber.

Pot heads out in full force on Facebook. Facebook, where everyone is so "special" telling us where they are, what they are eating, where they are going today, tonight, tomorrow. People celebrating their own celebrity and honestly a scourge on our society. "Look at me, look at me", pot heads don't care though, they just want to get high and they aren't afraid to reveal who they are........Governor Hassan, stand on your principles.

This state can't even decide on a state bird or flower without months of discussion. I don't understand how this seemed to appear and pass so quickly when even medical marijuana took so long and hasn't even been implemented.

The answer is pretty simple. Free staters and progressives (some probably pot heads) came together to pass this legislation. I guess we know the new state plant.

Where is the silent majority on legalizing the use of marijuana. I certainly hope the Governor vetoes this and it goes down in flames. We are told constantly that smoking tobacco is bad for health and now all of a sudden sucking up marijuana is good for us. It has been documented that it will cause alot of harm to health over the long term and is a gateway to other drug use. So, are we now going to bow to the whims of the drug crowd and the freestaters? A person can make their own life choices, but I do not want my healthcare costs rising because you abused your body with drugs, got sick and I have to pay for it. I do not want someone in my family killed on the highway, because you are driving around impaired.

It is more than the free staters who support this. If you read the comments from many of the high profile, hard left progressive posters here on this site, they support it. But in essence, I agree with you.

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