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From Obamacare to Afghanistan: Issa is watching

U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa of California, who will speak in Concord tomorrow evening, is chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a group whose job it is to hold the federal government accountable to taxpayers. A few years back, Issa said he wanted his panel to hold investigative hearings at a rate of “seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks.” And he does keep the group busy.

The committee has made headlines in recent years for investigations into everything from the Troubled Assets Relief Program and the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to corruption in Afghanistan and the Food and Drug Administration. Here’s a look at Issa’s wide-ranging targets since the start of the year. (You can watch videos and read testimony from all 11 hearings at

1. “DC Navy Yard Shooting: Fixing the Security Clearance Process”

2. “Assessing NASA’s Underutilized Real Property Assets at the Kennedy Space Center”

3. “The IRS Targeting Investigation: What is the Administration Doing?”

4. “Obamacare: Why the Need for an Insurance Company Bailout?”

5. “Health Insurance Co-ops: Examining ObamaCare’s $2 Billion Loan Gamble”

6. “Mixed Signals: The Administration’s Policy on Marijuana”

7. “A Roadmap for Hackers? – Documents Detailing Security Vulnerabilities”

8. “Health and Human Services’ Own Security Concerns about”

9. “Strengthening Agency Oversight: Empowering the Inspectors General Community”

10. “Transportation Security Administration Oversight: Examining the Screening Partnership Program”

11. “Waste in Government: What’s Being Done?”

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Before you all trip over yourselves to support Rep. Issa check this. "Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 07:26 AM PDT NYT: Darrell Issa sought earmarks for projects benefiting more than two dozen of his own properties" ----------------- Talk about the fox watching the hen house. So much for integrity.

Was as much time spent on finding out what happened on 9/11? How did such an attack happened on American soil with all the pre planning that went into it under the government's eyes? Also I don't understand what the final point is for all the Benghazi hearings other than to try to embarrass the Obama administration. Is there a point?

I find it hard to believe anything that Mr. Issa has to say. He has done nothing but spend taxpayer money on witch hunts that have proved fruitless and leaked partial excerpts of testimonies that serve no purpose but to inflame his base and get himself publicity. Full disclosure of the entire testimony has shown the opposite of what he stated. This is not a person I would ever trust to be forthcoming in any government position. .

needless to say there is no credible source for say-whats t absurd claim

Another Day Another Leak by Michael Hiltzik, LA Times, Dec 2013. Just to mention one. Darrell Issa, "the Human Sieve."

Thanks Tillie. I was going to tell Sail to do his own homework.

NObama's Atty General Eric holder is the the most lawless person in the administration. He has been found in Contempt of Congress - that man is going to jail when a real Atty General is sworn in.

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