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National View: Nowhere is safe when it comes to gun violence

‘This shouldn’t happen in Troutdale. You don’t expect something like that to happen in your hometown.” That was the reaction of one resident of the Oregon town where a 15-year-old high school student armed with an AR-15 rifle killed a 14-year-old boy before shooting himself.

He is right. Such senseless violence shouldn’t happen. Not in Troutdale or Newtown or Columbine or Blacksburg or Seattle or Tucson or Las Vegas or Santa Barbara or the Washington Navy Yard or, for that matter, any place in the United States. But he’s wrong about what to expect: It’s clear from the countless locales that have been scarred by gun violence that no place is really safe.

That’s because Congress refuses – even in the face of increasingly frequent shootings – to even consider, let alone enact, any kind of responsible gun control.

As to suggestions by some opponents of gun control that shortcomings in the country’s mental health system are to blame, President Obama pointed out the United States “does not have a monopoly on crazy people,” only on the unfettered access to weapons it gives people capable of doing unbelievable damage.

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Pretty hard to have decent background checks when Nipaa protects info about folks with mental illness. Also hard when states are not required to report records. it is on a volunteer basis. The directory is flawed, like everything the govt sets up.

Police didn’t search database showing Calif. shooter had bought guns

Since the media are the ones ginning up the most fear and sensationalism about "gun violence", why don't they take some steps 100% within their control. Stop running photos, names, and statistics of these murderers. Newspapers can refuse to run ads for movies, books, music, or other media that promote reckless behavior or glorify violence in any form. TV and movie theaters can refuse to run movies or tv shows that do the same. Run shows and stories that show how being a good parent, raising children right, teaching them right from wrong..., leads to a well adjusted, peaceful adulthood. Ever wonder why there wasn't so much 'gun violence' 50 years ago, when there were practically no gun laws? You can whine all you like about how adding a few more statutes to the 50,000+ federal, state, and local gun regulations will solve all of Amerika's problems, but why not do something constructive, right now. Just do something, for the sake of the children!

But Sanchin . . . that would require the media to actually live by some sort of moral code? You can't possibly expect them to put ethics over profits as they cling desperately to their dying businesses now, can you?

I can think of a place where there couldn't possibly be any threat of some crazy guy with a gun coming and and trying to shoot up the place . . . a GUN CLUB SHOOTING RANGE.

No, all you have to worry about there is an idiot who is next in line for an accidental discharge. My firearms professor famously taught, "There is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only a negligent discharge." But it's the kind of negligence from which all seek absolution.

Someone sent me a news item today, say 5 men have shot their penises off this year because they stuck their guns in their belts. 'Enough said.

Well Tillie . . . all I can say is, if they were dumb enough to shoot their penises off, it's probably a good thing they shot 'em off. Now they won't be breeding more stupid people with them.

tillie, It appears you've confused a 'news item' with the original plot in episode one of "The Sopranos".

remember this one ... "if guns are outlawed ...then only outlaws will have guns"

As honesty is the best policy, tautology is the worst evasion of proof.

Wow, that is so deep. NO ONE is outlawing guns. It is back ground checks. BACK GROUND CHECKS! Get over your NRA paranoia.

New York City CONFISCATING Rifles and Shotguns | Peace ... Dec 07, 2013 · New York City CONFISCATING Rifles and Shotguns. 1:55 PM 12/06/2013 Patrick Howley, Reporter.

I searched this story online, and there were links to every rightwing conspiracist website including such nice places as infowars and stormfront, and not a single link to a legitimate news source. A detailed search of the NYTimes online yielded naught. Lest you think the Times is hiding the truth, NYDaily News: ditto.

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