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My Turn:

The people of Concord, Henniker, Hopkinton and Warner deserve a senator who is a passionate voice for positive change – a senator who will stand up for his neighbors, advocate for a fair economy and work to find creative solutions for our local needs. I am confident that I can be that senator, and I am asking for your support.

For the past eight years, my job has been to stand up for low-income and elderly people and families. As a legal aid lawyer, and the director of the Housing Justice Project, I went to court, administrative agencies and to the Legislature to make sure veterans, seniors, working families and people with disabilities got a fair deal. It was a privilege to advocate for my clients and to work for positive change in the community.

I believe the foundations of a fair economy include full-day kindergarten, flexible family leave and affordable college tuition. New Hampshire needs to attract and keep young people and young families in our state and in our economy with policies that promote affordable housing, quality education, an energy-efficient economy and innovative new jobs – and we need to protect our rights with fair consumer protections, especially for our seniors. We must work to fulfill the fundamental obligations we’ve made to our people without continuing to shift responsibility to overburdened local governments.

Over the years, I’ve tackled a wide array of issues, from affordable housing and homelessness, to energy and the environment, to consumer and worker rights. My clients were young families, seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans, victims of domestic violence – all facing different challenges but having poverty or hardship in common. In these eight years of experience, including working with legislators from both parties, I saw the impact that policy has on real people’s lives. Helping them gave me a window into the struggles of people fighting to support themselves and their families.

My wife, Erin, and I both grew up in working class families in Iowa. Erin is also an attorney and served as a delegate to the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. We live in the South End of Concord with our two dogs, Franklin and Roosevelt (aka “Rosie”). Erin and I made the tough decision to run because we want to make sure that the types of opportunities that made a difference in our lives are in place for the next generation. When it comes to improving the future of our state for all its residents, I’m not afraid to make tough decisions.

On this path to a better future for New Hampshire, we can’t afford to leave anyone behind. Like every New Hampshire resident, the people I’ve worked with over the last eight years didn’t want much – they just wanted to be heard and to have a chance at success. As your state senator, I will work tirelessly every day to give everyone the chance they deserve.

I look forward to a vigorous issues-based campaign over the next several weeks, one modeled after Gov. Maggie Hassan’s honest and genuine approach to public discourse. I am going to work hard over the summer to earn your vote. The primary election is Sept. 9 – please mark your calendars.

Please check out our website (www.danfeltesnh.com) or Facebook page for more information and follow me on Twitter @danfeltesnh. I look forward to seeing you soon!

(Dan Feltes lives in Concord.)

Legacy Comments25

So okay then: How about that Dan Feltes, huh? (You people need to get a room.)

CG, All DF has done here is announce himself. No crime in that, but I see nothing noteworthy in the brochure above. It's a little long on puffs, and a tad short on details. Heck, Dan should be honored we used his space here at all. Result is, his brochure got a lot more looks than if we'd gotten a 'room' .

Sorry DL, I disagree. Pointing out that the candidate did not discuss massive spending and taxes is not pushing an agenda. Most folks would like to hear about that, and if in fact it will continue. Some of us actually believe in discussing those issues. We all like good ideas, but we also like to hear about how we can manage to pay for those ideas and do it so folks are not taxed to death. We have a hard time now funding programs, we need to try and set priorities and see if we can in fact save money by getting waste, fraud and poor management out of govt. That to me is common sense as opposed to promising the moon with money you do not have.

Wabbit, Are you playing with a full bunch? You disagree with what?! I never pointed out any such thing you cited. Please review my previous post, and this time...please do your level best to comprehend it. If you were looking for a vehicle to launch your latest political salvo, you sure chose the wrong one. Btw, this constant crossfire of nonsense you & your buds fire at one another, doesn't amount to a pee-hole in snow. On the contrary, your hollow discourse of drivel merely echoes what's so very wrong with the system, which is far too much partisan backbiting to get anything accomplished for the good of the people. Please try to be more creative in the future, because the next time you choose me as your stepping stone, I won't likely be so nice.

Whoa DL. My post stated that I disagree that BPR was pushing an agenda because he brought up massive spending and taxes. What is wrong with that? I also stated that many of us are in fact wanting to hear those discussions. I also started out my post with the word, sorry DL I disagree with you. You took that as me using you as a stepping stone? That is pretty rich. And I was under the impression that this is in fact a forum and threatening me is not very cool. What is your problem? Your starting to sound like Tillie. I did not insult you or label your post like you did mine. I cannot say the same for you though.

Wabbit, My point was clear enough to anyone even moderately coherent, but for your benefit I will explain it, ad nauseum. PBR uses this forum to push his own agenda. In fact, that's about all he does. Someone can post that they saw their first red Cardinal of the season (the bird, not a drunk Catholic in a robe), and PBR will post something about how one used to see more of them with a Republican governor. So, yes...you are disagreeing with me, just to ramble on about whatever YOU think the point should be. This is a chronic condition with you; change the point, then accuse the original poster of being touchy for "disagreeing". It gets old, real fast.

Your point was not clear. I truly got from it that you meant that his post about massive spending and taxes was what you were commenting on, not every post he ever posted. You did a one line sentence and most coherent folks would assume you were responding to that post. I am not the first person on this forum that you have had to explain your posts to. So you insult me, call me a liar and threaten me. Not very nice, but typical of someone who has an issue with civil rhetoric.

Okay Wabbit, but I feel "Main Offender" sufficiently implies a history of offenses. Tell ya what, Wabbit, I'm willing to extend the olive branch by releasing you on your own personal recognizance. You're free to go.

Please don't use my name in vain. I have heard that if some one thinks everyone is against them it could signal a problem.

Huh? Please have your nurse call me when she gets in, tillie.

This was in reply to Rabbit, who lumped us together.

tillie, If I may offer some friendly advice; might be wise to begin each of your posts with the ID of the poster to whom it's intended. That's what I've been doing since a couple of my missives got posted in the wrong spot. Btw, don't get too upset with Wabbit for lumping us together. You could do lots worse than me...snookems. ;)

Larry (and Tillie): I was going to suggest the same thing. Responses seem to show up almost in random order and sometimes it;s hard to figure out who's responding to whom. Your pal Bean (aka the Ancient Mariner)

Hey Dirty, you think I could do worse? Maybe on the forum yes.

There, you just called me "Dirty". Now we're on a first-name basis. I love how it rolled off your keyboard (I feel a Bobby Vinton song coming on). Won't be long until you'll be opening up those rusty gates, and letting me into thy royal fortress...off route 28.

You use my name all the time in your posts Tillie. I guess it is okay for you to do it huh? Often your post lump me with the other "carpers" on this forum. If I was worried about folks being against me, I would not be on a forum with different opinions. I would stick to a forum that agreed with me all the time.

ok Rabbit, I actually feel quite honored to be included with the likes of Bruce and Beanie and Carson and few others. You call me snarky etc but most of the time I do find something of interest in your posts. I have already said how I feel about itsa and BPR I really have to say just rants all the time. He never discusses anything. By the way is it secret or why do you call yourself Rabbit? Just curious.

Rabbit was my HS nickname because I am hyper and kind of dart around. I do not look like a bunny though. What is going on with you and DL? Looks like love is in the air.I have visions of Madison County. You know your hubby takes a trip and DL shows up asking for directions to the covered bridge.

We believe you got your nickname in HS...

Dart around a lot hmmm. No I have been happily married since 1970 and not about to try to break anyone else in right now.

Gotcha beat Tillie, I have been married since 1968. I said dart because if I said fast, folks might get the wrong impression. I am hyper, have a hummingbird metabolism and tend to be very energetic. I was kidding ya by the way in regards to DL. We should ask him why he calls himself Dirty Larry.

Wabbit, They called me Dirty Larry back in HS...for my ability to catch "rabbits".

Well, Rabbit, if that is the case, then you can't be too far behind me in the "old lady department" and you should take umbrage with Dirty and Itsa in the old age name calling. I think I prefer not to know why he calls himself "Dirty.'

If using the CM to push one's own agenda is a crime, then you are the Main Offender, PBR.

Another liberal progressive socialist democrat uses the CM to push their social agenda. The candidate didnt mention even a peep about massive taxes , massive spending but NH. Does the reader know the candidates democrat party has doubled the state spending just since Shaheen was elected.

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