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Auction date set for Plainfield tax militants’ property

Federal officials are once again preparing to sell the New Hampshire compound of a tax-evading couple convicted of amassing an arsenal of weapons and holding law enforcement officials at bay for nine months in 2007.

The auction of Ed and Elaine Brown’s fortress-like home on 100 acres in Plainfield is set for Aug. 15 at U.S. District Court in Concord. The minimum required bid for the property is $250,000.

Prospective bidders will not be allowed to tour the property in advance of the auction. Deputy Chief U.S. Marshal Brenda Mikelson said yesterday that marshals would be obligated to protect anybody who visited the property, but did not elaborate. Last year she had cited the possibility of land mines and other explosives buried on the property as another complication.

The Browns, who are in their 70s, are serving lengthy sentences. Elaine Brown was sentenced to 35 years and her husband is serving 37 years.

Elaine Brown wrote an open letter last month to Plainfield residents apologizing for the “fear, anxiety and impact we were causing” the residents and town officials. The letter was published in a monthly newsletter put out by residents.

Also being auctioned is Elaine Brown’s dental office in West Lebanon in the heart of the retail hub of New Hampshire’s Upper Valley region.

That commercial property had its own complications involving the disposal of patient records to protect their privacy, but it isn’t considered potentially dangerous.

By federal court order, the properties must be sold as is. The office must sell for at least $507,500.

The court has ruled that the Browns and any heirs have no claims to the properties or any assets from their sale.

While the Browns kept federal marshals at bay after their convictions for tax evasion, they welcomed a parade of anti-tax and anti-government supporters including Randy Weaver, whose wife and son were killed along with a deputy U.S. marshal in a 1992 shootout on Weaver’s property in Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Mikelson cited those sympathizers last year as another reason not to open the property to bidders and gawkers.

“They had a lot of supporters,” Mikelson. “We’re trying to maintain safety for all.”

The Browns were ultimately captured without incident by undercover agents posing as pizza deliverymen.

If the properties sell, the first entities to be paid would be the municipalities of Plainfield and Lebanon, which are owed significant amounts in back property taxes.

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Why don't the feds just ship some illegals there. They are used to land mines and booby traps, so it would be a win win.

Who wrote this garbage? and what school did they graduate from? Reference: "If the properties sell, the first entities to be paid would be the municipalities of Plainfield and Lebanon, which are OWED significant amounts in back property TAXES." Emphasis ADDed as a tax is merely a charge for services rendered, of WHERE was the so-called protection? from "other laws" never "consent"ed to as supposed to be a guarantee by N.H. Article 12 in our Bill of Rights for us inhabitants that these un-official town agents un-oathed to tax in the first place because #1: is that the state-wide school property tax for government education is un-constitutional, #2: they have no RSA Ch. 42:1 + 92:2 to Article 84 oaths as in to "make and subscribe" means to "draw up and sign" of not just the say-so of the "viz." to "mouth-off", #3: The City nor Town sent the Uncle Sam occupiers the property tax bills as required by RSA Ch. 80:7-b, and 4: of even more basic of a common denominator for all of us in that of (a) Article 5 religious rights too of NOT to be forced to GIVE to the poor, BUT that of to LEND to the poor people, of not this Reverse Robin Hood School Tax System both local and state, and (b) that of where be the N.H. Article 5, Part 2 Constitution "advise and consent" from the Executive Council to the governor's Commissioner of The Dept. of Revenue? who sends out the Tax Warrants to the local Assessors who in the chain-of-command then give a Selectmen's Warrant over to the Tax Collector. This just regarding the local property taxes. That the Federal taxes were and are not due too of whoever bids takes the article sold as a Manceptor in a Sale with All Faults: For better or worse, because the law reads in 22NH234-245 @ p.239 in the case of Morrison v. Bedell out of Grafton County, Dec. Term 1850: "...the books abound with authorities to show that debt is the proper form of action to recover a penalty or forfeiture created by statute" and that the Federal Statutes at Large aka the U.S. Codes were enacted by too many M.O.C.s / Members of Congress per Ed Brown's current case #297 against Gov. Hassan in Merrimack County Superior Court for not doing her Article 51 duty to Section 2 of the 14th Amendment since we are one of the eleven states that do not elect our state judges and so the representation in Congress SHALL be reduced! A more detailed e-mail was sent to Megan Doyle here who heard me talk of some of this Monday night to The CCC of "the same old same old" of lazy public servants to "protect" continues in Concord at most all government levels. The jury of his peers to ultimately decide whether Hassan has to pay Shea-Porter's * retirement as she could have been the one to go. Both her* and Kuster in there now Democrats but only one be lawful, of to have the judge rule on the un-constitutionality of 2 Federal districts in RSA Ch. 662:1 with the penalty pre-scribed by law, not to just look at from afar but for the governor to DO her job!

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