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My Turn: Obama not to blame for rise of Islamic State

Conjecture by Sen. John McCain and Hillary Clinton et al that President Obama is to blame for the Islamic State scourge because of his support (arms and airstrikes) of the Syrian resistance was lacking is wrong.

Blame falls squarely on former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki (a Shiite who alienated Sunni tribes) and who has just been replaced by a moderate, though still Shiite, prime minister to form a fair “inclusive” government – as urged by Obama.

The key steps to defanging the Islamic State militant group are:

∎ Stop Islamic State recruitment of alienated Sunni fighters through their tribal chiefs, who will confirm that this new Iraqi regime will be fairer to Sunnis.

∎ Motivate a reinvigorated Iraqi army made up of Shiite and Sunni fighters to risk their lives against the repressive Islamic State caliphate. Also, Saudis should be pressured to stop funding the Islamic State.

∎ The United States should resupply Iraq’s army and inject more advisers/trainers to guide the re-invigorated Iraqi army to evict the Islamic State from Iraq.

∎ U.S. air power should augment the Iraqi air force’s fighters and helicopters.

∎ Continue beefing up the Kurdish Peshmurga fighters and providing airstrikes to help the Kurds dislodge the Islamic State from vital targets like Mosul Dam (which was just accomplished).

∎ Allow U.S. air power plus Kurdish and Iraqi army “boots on the ground” to continue to push the Islamic State into Syria, which should be bombed to soften Islamic State bases for invasion.

∎ If the Islamic State tries to escape to Lebanon, the Iraqi army can help the Lebanese army defeat them. If the Islamic State is foolish enough to breach the Israeli border, you can bet Israel will dispose of them like the terrorists they are.

Now, with Syria cleared of Islamic State caliphate dreamers, a reconstituted and moderate resistance containing the seeds of a viable “democratic style regime” should force the regime of Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power – with help from the United States.

The big question is: Can Assad, dictator of a decimated Syria, be replaced by a more inclusive regime before Syria becomes a failed state that attracts extreme Islamist jihadis, who would threaten bordering states such as Israel and Lebanon?

Clearly, the Middle East continues to be an unpredictable and volatile region that must be closely monitored.

(Jack Saunders lives in Holderness.)

Legacy Comments37

Of course President Obama is not to blame for ANYTHING! Any evaluation of his policies is always brushed aside by his supporters. Wait a minute, now that I think of it, his supporters do not evaluate his policies. If his policies, fail, they state he needs more time or because of Bush he could not fix the problem. Our allies cannot count on us and our enemies do not fear us. That is a very dangerous situation for the US.

Operative word: "evaluation". Most of what passes for "evaluation" of Obama on this site can accurately be described as "rant". For synonyms of "rant", see "Sail/BPR", "Itsa", "GWTW", "RabbitNH".

Give me a break! If Obama asked you and most progressives to jump over a cliff, you would do it. How supposedly educated citizens can follow him or even defend him is stunning or I should say stunningly ignorant. If anyone challenges his policies all that progressives can do is come up with some shoddy statistic or point to the past at other leaders to excuse him. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood and is weak in the eyes of Putin, our allies and the world. Today he announced that he has no policy to deal with Isis. Rome is burning and you and Obama are fiddling and diddling. I guess the only strategy is to apologize for how evil we are and ask: "why can't we all get along?" Your impotent and emotional, knee jerking is making the issue facing this country more and more dangerous. Now Putin reminds us that he has nuclear weapons.....and Obama's response........crickets.

Of course Obama is to blame, he has coddled the Muslim Brotherhood and placated Islam, pushed that it is a religion of peace. It is not radical Islam that is the issue, it is Islam in general as practiced from the Koran (yes I will use that spelling instead of the nouveau politically correct spelling). It is no religion of "peace". Read it.

Can we thank Dick Cheney and George W Bush for ISIS? Journalist Patrick Cockburn makes a compelling case that the rise of ISIS can be credited to our invasion of Iraq. The weakening of the Iraqi state--the result of our hubris in thinking the invasion would be a "cakewalk", for one thing, has allowed non-state actors to flourish in the vacuum created by all our mis-steps in the course of the invasion--the dismantling of the Iraqi army, the forced departure from government of all those with Baathist ties, Paul Bremer's efforts to turn Iraq into a free-market paradise, and more. http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175884/tomgram%3A_patrick_cockburn%2C_how_to_ensure_a_thriving_caliphate/#more

Pffft...just a JV team...move along now...

Benghazi revisited: Hillary and NObama got those murdered in Benghazi due to an arms smuggling operation to run arms through Turkey to...... "ISIS"........ In addition, this headline tells you all you need to know about how NObama has been dangerously disengaged from the Middle East foreign policy: HEADLINE: "Report: Kurds offered to help stop ISIS months ago — but didn’t hear back from the White House" http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3171753/posts

President Obama raised eyebrows after making a somber statement over the brutal killing of American journalist James Foley by Islamic State militants. Obama called Foley’s death “an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world.” Shortly after delivering his remarks from Martha’s Vineyard, he engaged in his favorite pastime — a game of golf with friends, including former professional basketball star Alonzo Mourning.

Laurie, what would you have the president do? Hop on Air Force One, fly to Syria or Iraq, and punch those nasty jihadists in the nose? Compare with Pres. Reagan who was allowed to sleep during the most critical minutes / hours of the Korean Air Line 007 event and G. W. Bush staring blankly into space when informed by Andy Card that the nation was under attack. Remember "The Pet Goat" episode? Sheeesh!

Contrast: British prime Minister David Cameron Suspends Vacation Over Foley Killing ... townhall.com

Suspends vacation to do what? Window dressing.

another LIDV comment

Of course he suspended his vacation. Gordon Brown was booted out for staying on vacation during some crisis or other and Cameron learned his lesson.

another LIDV stalker comment

Now we are not talking about Reagan or Bush, we are talking about here and now and Obama. Why do you folks bring up irrelevant points like "Bush staring blankly". He was trying not to alarm everyone.......Obama shows no emotion and while we are at it he is so weak that the world is in horrible turmoil. What I would like to see is complete destruction of ISIS bases and troops with MOAB's, cruise missiles and napalm. They'll be OK.

So LF, you want to compare him to the do nothing Congress. which only scheduled 69 days this year. What do you think, he should let Isis brag how they kept the President of the US hostage in the White House? Bush spent months on his ranch during all the war years, which didn't make a difference since no one missed him.

democrat do nothing congress is all democrat Majority Leader Harry GRIDLOCK Reid's doing." 352 Reasons Harry Reid and Senate Democrats Are Actively Working To Stop Congress From Doing Its Job Currently, 352 bills that passed the House are awaiting action on Harry Reid’s desk. Of these bills: - 98% passed with bipartisan support – Nearly 70% passed with 2/3rds support or more – Over 50% passed with no opposition at all - And 55 were introduced by Democrats. And still, Harry Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote. So, surely the Democrats are confused, right? Of course they’re not; when you and your president have zero very little on which to run, blame the other guys for your failures. Politics 101, right, Harry?"

We all know these so called bills are just for show and time waster. They push stupid partisan bills that both houses know have no chance in the other house, just so people like you can use them at election time. Who do you think you are fooling.


We do not have a do nothing congress. We have a dem speaker of house that blocks any rational proposal from getting to floor. We have a do nothing congress because we have rad leftist speaker trying to de-rail country.

I agree with your first sentence, TCB, but the rest of your post is partisan BS. The problem is rampant, and on both sides of the aisle. Almost as sickening are the finger-pointing poll-parrots, who can't get beyond "It's not us, it's them!". Know any?

INCORRECT again and again dirty L - "Currently, 352 bills that passed the House are awaiting action on Harry Reid’s desk. Of these bills: - 98% passed with bipartisan support – Nearly 70% passed with 2/3rds support or more – Over 50% passed with no opposition at all - And 55 were introduced by Democrats. And still, Harry Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote. So, surely the Democrats are confused, right? Of course they’re not; when you and your president have zero on which to run, blame the other guys for your failures" now guess how many were actually passed as your comments are always guesses and not facts

Please pardon me, PBR, but an "INCORRECT" from a one-trick pony like you, is a "GOLD STAR!" to any reasonable person; every single time. And please don't assume where my political allegiance lies. Once again, I voted for the guy whose name you tarnish by mere association. Finally, whether you like it or not, Obama is YOUR president, too, buckaroo! (c:

and you guess is??? or do we get more of your worthless blather as your debate tactic

You talking about John Boehner? I agree except for the leftist part.

You do realize Republicans control the house, and the Speaker decides the schedule of how many days are going to be worked and he is Republican John Boehner, right?

It is not about the Congress that in principle will NOT roll over and give Obama everything he wants. That is the way the government works, our system works. It is not all give and no take.....I know Obama and you think so. Bottom line, this is about Obama, not the Congress.

Number of days Obama has spent on vacation:138. Number of days GW Bush had spent to the same point in his presidency: 407. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/obamas-vacations-line-us-average-25084778

LOL...these replies were funny. Hope you all didnt hurt your hands with all your fingers pointing so many different ways...

as usual Brucie compares apples to oranges and everyone except LIDV's know why and how he does it.

It bears repeating, in response to the lame posts from Carpers: Obama vacation days total:138; GW Bush total to the SAME date: 407. Pray tell: How is comparing the vacation time of presidents comparing "apples to oranges"? It's comparing vacations to vacations. In this era, a president is never far-removed from his job, whether on Martha's Vineyard or at the Texas White House.

You are ignoring many facts. Bush used his home in Texas as a second White House, he did not set up fantasy golf tournaments or fly to NYC for $100,000 for dinner with Laura. Obama is vacationing while: the economy is still in the tank and Americans are suffering through a recession, ISIS is on the move, Russia is on the border of Ukraine ready to invade, Hamas is out of control and using women and children as human shields, North Korea is becoming more militant, Iran is on the verge of a nuclear weapon, China is becoming more aggressive including intercepting our flights over the South China Sea, the border is leaking live a sieve, illegal immigration is out of control and we are going further and further in debt. Obama could care less. And that Mr. Leddy is the problem.

That is a bunch of garbage and you know it. Bush never got off his 3 wheeler when he was in Texas and Cheney ran the country except for the time when the coward with all the deferments hid in an "undisclosed location" for months.

when you cant debate with facts - just make up baloney - it is the way liberals debate the issues of the day

This is an unintentionally funny post--and in an ironic way. This poster is the the chief purveyor of "baloney" on this site--to the extent that changing his name to "Oscar Meyer" would be the only accurate honest thing he's done on this site in weeks.

Please, your sources are always from slanted sites and you rely on statistics to prove everything. We all know that figures don't lie but liars sure do figure. I think you brand of baloney is "Boar's Head", it is appropriate once you experience your approach.

I can only add one thing to your last sentence.."Clearly, the Middle East continues to be an unpredictable and volatile region that must be closely monitored from the golf course."

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