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Report to Readers

Report to Readers: A Monitor alum’s take on the Legislature

About a dozen years ago, Sarah Koenig was a star reporter at the Monitor. She covered the New Hampshire Legislature and George W. Bush’s first presidential campaign in the state, among other things.

These days, she’s a journalist for the “The American Life” radio show, which airs locally on NHPR. But she apparently still finds our neck of the woods as interesting as we do.

This weekend, Koenig’s story about the dramatic changes at the State House aired on public radio. You can listen to it here.

Legacy Comments2

I listened up to the point about guns at the statehouse. On day one, they voted to allow guns on the floor of the legislature. What they didnt say is democrats reinstated a weapons ban in 2006. Sarah then says.."remember..there are 400 of "these people" "These people"??? What I remember most about the last legislative session was the liberal mob trying to upset the duly elected officials from doing their job by protesting in the gallery. The democrat mob. The usual suspects. The ones that always try mob action when they dont get their way. The ones that always cause destruction, and sometimes cause people to die. Its always the republicans that have to restore order. The liberal mob out for it.

I could not get that far. First of all, what man do you know who speaks like the host; then I said, "oh I have heard this show before", honestly I can't believe that taxpayers fund it. Next, Annmarie Timmins told about a "swear jar" at town meetings as if that was the norm and Koenig referred to her as a "moderate". I just shook my head, if Timmins is a moderate I must be a reactionary. Then the best part was when Koenig talked about the "new regime" in Concord and suggested by budgeting the correct way, the way a business would do it. Cut what you need to get to the number based on priorities. Then at the top of the page it lists contributors, hard core progressives all: "Jeff Jones, Anna Weggel, Gene Chandler, Philip Galanes, Elizabeth Garrett, Jessica Garrett Mills, Christine Hamm, Shawn Jasper, Corey Lewandowski, Terie Norelli, Robert Rowe, Amy Silver Judd and Tony Soltani." As if NPR is some "voice of moderation". Not! Many folks associated with the Monitor move on to bigger and better things but they always seem to move on to even more liberal and progressives outlets. Koenig is no exception.

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