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Note to GOP: Here’s how to defy Obama

For starters, keep federal spending flat

There is no dispute between right and left on Inauguration Day. President Obama’s speech was neither moderate nor conciliatory.

It was a liberal’s call for big government and a rejection of the idea that serious reform of entitlement programs is required. Those liberals who were certain that Obama would move to the center in the second term – or if they weren’t, told us so anyway – are no doubt elated.

But this is good news for the Republican Party as well. In 2009 the GOP held its collective breath, nervous that the incoming president might pursue a pro-growth, centrist approach and effectively push Republicans to the far end of the political spectrum.

Instead, the president went after Obamacare and a stimulus – and Democrats got shellacked in 2010.

The same pattern is evident here.

If the president really wants only more government, higher taxes and international retreat, Republicans can unify in common determination to keep the country from sliding much farther to the left.

Whatever strategic or ideological differences they may have, they are united in a common interest in not allowing debt, spending and the liberal welfare state to expand even further.

Let me be clear: If the government has to operate for four more years on continuing resolutions to prevent a giant tax hike and a further explosion in our debt, that is the desirable course.

Certainly the House GOP should present all its alternatives – on spending, on entitlement and tax reform – but, rather than shut down the government (another losing stance for the right and the precursor to a retreat), Republicans should simply keep spending flat.

That, considering the president’s huge ambitions, would be a major accomplishment.

Is the GOP the party of no?

Well, no to Obama’s collectivist vision.

The challenge now for conservatives is to come up with a center-right agenda that makes sense and that will persuade off-year election voters to keep the House in their hands and deliver the Senate. To do the latter, the GOP will need to make smart, practical choices in candidates. Every Todd Mourdock nominated is another vote for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his party’s continued control of the Senate.

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Note to Democrats: Here's how to defy the GOP. If the GOP "really wants only more" big government defense spending, ridiculously low taxes for the wealthy (the cause of most of our debt), more wars for no reason, more wars on women, unions, teachers, gays, the poor, the mentally ill, Medicare, Social Security, and marijuana, more nukes, more assault WMD, more mass killings, less clean energy, and more climate change, then Democrats "can unify in common determination to keep the country from sliding" off a cliff.

Democrats - the party of NO - NO BUDGET for 4 years but the party of YES - Yes to debt, spending and the liberal welfare state to expand even further.....facts are facts........nuf said

As usual, sail and the facts have only a nodding acquaintance, It's the job of Congress--Democrats AND Republicans, to pass a budget. Obama has submitted a budget each year. And spending "increases" by the federal government are at their lowest rate since the Eisenhower Administration. http://articles.marketwatch.com/2012-05-22/commentary/31802270_1_spending-federal-budget-drunken-sailor But that's that's what one gets for thinking that sources like "Newsmax" are unbiased, and not filtered by right-wing ideology.

Propaganda like spending increases by the federal government are at the lowest rate since the Eisenhower Administration. Could it be that Eisenhower was investing on the Interstate Highway system? But that is what one gets for thinking sources like "Media Matters", "Think Progress", "Salon" and Mother Jones are unbiased and not filtered left-wing ideology. As usual, anyone can get figures that can be manipulated; figures don't lie but liars sure do figure.

While imitation may be a form of flattery, it also suggest a lack of imagination--and an absence of facts to support your opinion on a given issue. Nothing new in that regard in your latest screed. Instead you just pile on more opinion. You ignore the fact my link was to a WSJ opinion piece--not MJ or any other "left-wing" site-- and slightly more reputable, even in its blogs, than the paranoid ravings you enjoy on Newsmax and like-minded sites. You don't have to like it--but you NEVER grapple with facts with which you don't agree. For example, your comment about the interstate highway system made no sense in the context of any rebuttal. Don't like Nutting's post? Well, here's another one essentially agreeing with Nutting's take on the issue. This time it's from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget--a product of the Petersen Institute--those billionaires deficit hawks. Meanwhile, go on about your merry way--sure of opinions because they're always buttressed by...more opinions based upon half-truths and misleading "facts"

Here's the link to the Petersen Inst. post I mentioned below: http://crfb.org/blogs/fiscal-fact-checker-how-much-has-spending-increased-under-president-obama

Facts over fiction: Obama holds the massive record of the single largest jump in any budget (compared for inflation)......."His 2009 budget is also close to 21 percent of that for Clinton's eight years in office."........The slight of hand that liberals try to pull with their spending ploy is that they have kept that enormous jump in spending intact with annual $1.4 Trillion deficits by passing continuing resolutions year after year and ignoring the law that mandates those democrats to pass a budget....what was it that PT Barnum said.........

First Bruce, there is a difference between submitting a budget and passing a budget. There are reasons why the Dems have only passed one budget. I suggest you do the research to find out why they do not favor passing a budget. It really is not that complicated. Not a single democrat voted for the last two budgets that President Obama submitted. Why you say, simple, they do not want the public to see a plan on what they intend to spend and if they plan cuts. They prefer back room deals so the public has no clue what they are doing. As far as Netting and his false graft of what President Obama has spent. We all know that graft is a joke. We also know that it is a joke because he puts all 2009 spending on Bush. I believe that is called fuzzy math. The graft also relies on estimates. Easy to do when most folks have no clue about grafts. They can be easily manipulated into believing the graft is accurate and does not lie to them.

And Bruce, Congress has sent 7 budgets to the Senate to have Harry Reid table them and those Obama budgets? Well, his own party voted against them. You can spin the facts any way you want.

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