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My Turn: Who’s griping? Out-of-towners!

Most of the criticism of the plans to improve and beautify our downtown is written by out-of-towners, people only interested in getting somewhere fast or finding that parking space right in front of their shopping destination.

They come from places like Weare, Epsom and, most recently, Center Barnstead, the hometown of a Monitor letter writer who clowned about putting a dome over Main Street (“Main Street under glass,” March 29).

As you know, these are places known the world over for their ageless, progressive and beautiful downtowns and the cutting wit of their citizens.

They ridicule us for investing in our community. Well, let them laugh. Let them keep their provincial attitude. Let them keep their small-mindedness.

This is Concord. Here we invest in ourselves because we are worth it. We improve our libraries; we do not un-fund them. We invest in our roads, in our public buildings and in public lands for all to enjoy in our fair city. We invest in our schools in the hope that our future will be brighter for all of our citizens. We put our money where our values are.

I am proud of what our city council has done. I am glad of the future improvements to come to Concord and Penacook. As a resident of Penacook I want to especially thank the council for its recent vote to bury the electric lines and to finish the Route 3 Corridor Project in our downtown; this will go far to improve the livability and enjoyment of Penacook and the Contoocook River area that it will enhance.

I am sure many others deserve mention, but I would like to point out three excellent examples of people who do their job well: City Engineer Ed Roberge, Assistant for Special Projects Matt Walsh and police Chief John Duval. They are the epitome of what professionals should be and are a credit to their professions and to our city.

Roberge’s contributions to the Main Street and Route 3 Corridor projects and Walsh’s similar contributions to the tannery project are immeasurable.

Lately, what strikes me most about Duval is how he is sensitive to the needs of the public as well as the essential humanness of those unfortunate enough to be homeless in Concord. I applaud him for his efforts.

Every city employee I have ever dealt with has treated me with respect and courtesy, I thank you for that. Thank you, Concord, for giving me a great place to live.

(Jack Shields lives in Penacook.)

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The second NH Listens session focused on Concord as a destination. Based on the focus of that discussion, I would think that the opinions of those who live outside of our city should receive serious consideration - Allan Herschlag

Yes, they are all wonderful people. If none of them can sort out the traffic signal messes on Loudon Road and North State Street, why should they be trusted on a REALLY big project. It appears that only the out of towners take an interest in saving Concord from itself.

I thought more than half of the money to improve the downtown was federal dollars. The largest expense seems to be the repair of the underground utilities. Thats something Concord should have been maintaining all along.

I'm an out-of-towner and I have every right to object. Why, the writer speaks of Concord residents who "invest in ourselves" but those Concord residents want every person across the entire United States to pay for Concords grand ideas. The writer says Concord residents "put our money where our values are", then please do just that. Start by sending back the $4.7 Million in grant money for Main St. and lets see if the town completes just this one project they want so dearly.

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