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Letter: Benefits to privatization

Re the possible privatization of the Concord School District’s food service (Monitor front page, April 3):

I know the current employees will fiercely defend their jobs, as they should; however, I am a local person employed by a private food service company. I have lived in New Hampshire (Salem, Derry, Concord and Laconia) my whole life. Soon I will have to commute to Massachusetts to get to work because my company’s account in central New Hampshire is closing. Privatization of Concord’s school cafeterias may mean some employees are let go, but it could also mean that the children get chefs with better skill sets, larger food varieties and better service. Believe it or not, we all have hearts too.



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Now if we were talking about selling a bottle of booze I would agree this is something that should be privatized. But feeding our children a decent meal, there is no way we should be seeing this as a place to make a buck.

What am I missing here? The entire system of supplying our schools can be private..from computers, to books, to desks, the food they buy, the farmers that grow it, the machines they use, the truckers that haul it, the boxes and cans they haul it in, the companies that can and process the food, but if the lady that cooks the food and plops it on a students tray is private...well, thats just evil. Its laughable.

OOOOHHH, OOOOHH, OOOHHHH, I got one!!!!! Privatization of school food service would be good cuz' then schools wouldn't be bound by those damn healthy eating guidelines and we'd be free to feed kids McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC and all sorts of other good stuff to 'em! Vegetable? What's a vegetable?!?!?

Dear Thomas....................... NO! You and your leach of a poor service, earn profit at all cost corporation, Please go crawl back under the rock from whenst you came. Maybe Sheriff Joe in Arizona needs someone to cut the warm green baloney, or spread the rancid mayonnaise on the Maricopa County school lunches. ,,,,,,,,, Read this Thomas; "We have had enough of the likes of you. Wanting to make profit off feeding school children or be it making profit off the suffering of inmates in prison". We the Citizens of New Hampshire are bound to provide these services. And no where in that obligation doe's it imply or indicate that we owe the your Food Service Corporation or the Prison Caterers a big fat check for poor services and abuse. NHD

I have a question. Do you ever truck any goods for schools or for prisons?? If not...lets say your next delivery is a load of desks and chairs or textbooks. You'd transport that for free I assume?

I am addressing the concept that the inmate care system should in no way be a money making endeavor. Nor School lunch programs. And while I have not transported anything free to school GWTW. I have donated my flatbed trailers and drivers for use in parades:)

Well, its an interesting discussion. Who should profit from supplying a school and who shouldn't. So, trucking the food in should be for profit, done privately, or do you want the state and towns to run their own trucking companies? Manufacture their own desks? Textbooks? How about growing the food? Should that be state run too? How about the buildings themselves? State run construction companies? So its just the school lunch programs that should be public?

Wasn't it a private company that recently threw the food out because the students didn't have enough money for lunch? The profit motive can be heartless as some in the private prisons have found out.

that is the policy foisted on the food service company by BIG BAD liberal union democrat rules

Is there anything that can't be blamed on the unions??? How does one figure that a Big Bad Liberal Union has any input what-so-ever in the activities of a private food service company?? The savings to schools is the dropping of benefits and retirement costs. I fail to see how in a country that "someone" claimed was 80% conservative, can be at the mercy of BB liberal unions, some logic here is just not right.

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