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The calm response to Boston Is bad news for attackers

‘Boston bombings shatter a national sense of safety,” read one headline this morning. “A perfect Marathon day, then the unimaginable,” read another. These summations were plausible enough, because Monday’s attack was the first successful strike against a U.S. city since Sept. 11, 2001. A national security official from the Bush administration expressed the same thought in even more dramatic terms. “In some ways,” Juan Carlos Zarate said, “this ruptures the psyche.”

Plausible – but not, we’re glad to say, correct. What’s striking about the initial response to this atrocity is how calm it has been. There was no illusory sense of safety to shatter; the Boston bombing was all too imaginable before the fact; and the national psyche is intact. This measured, purposeful reaction is the worst possible news for the perpetrators. Rupturing the psyche is what terrorism is supposed to achieve. If it fails to do that, it fails, period.

In the years since Sept. 11, the country has learned to cope with the possibility of further attacks and the elaborate security arrangements that are designed to pre-empt them. Of course, one can argue about the cost and effectiveness of these defenses, about the infringements of liberty and the sheer nuisance, about how to strike the right balance. But what critics deride as the security state is a reality that most Americans recognize: Terrorists are a threat we must live with, a danger we can diminish but not eradicate. When the defenses are evaded, you mourn, gather your resources and carry on. That’s the prevailing mood after Boston.

Partly thanks to those defenses, attacks like this have been astonishingly rare in the United States, which despite Sept. 11 remains one of the world’s most open societies. In countries where terrorist attacks are almost routine, a different challenge arises: to avoid becoming entirely hardened to them. One must hold on to the full measure of horror at the deliberate maiming of innocents, even while refusing to succumb to shock and paralysis. On a beautiful day in Boston, bombs went off, stealing lives, piercing bodies and souls. Disgust at what happened is unbounded, as it should be. Overreactions here and there are to be expected, but there’s no derangement or excess in the nation’s collective response.

The failures of intelligence and security, if any, will need to be examined. No effort will be spared in the search for the attackers. And we can take comfort in the zeal of first responders who ran to the victims. As President Obama said, “If you want to know who we are, who America is, how we respond to evil – that’s it. Selflessly, compassionately, unafraid.”

Disgust, calm resolve and a steady sense of purpose are the psyche’s main defenses against evil. Innocents have been killed and grievously injured, but on the next day, those walls were standing.

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Here is how dumb folks are about rights. At Watertown where this is going down at MIT, the cops had a suspect in a car, had him strip naked, and folks are complaining on the web the cops are violating that suspect's rights making him strip. Not one of those complainers had the brains to realize the cops made him strip in case he had explosives on his body. Nobody thinks, all about whose rights are being violated. Some folks actually believe that terrorists deserve to be treated like law abiding citizens. .

I agree Collie. We need to take a good look on which students we allow over here to go to college. What better way to infiltrate the US with young terrorists than having them act as students, and then they can make bombs and blow us up. Aftre 9/11 we had quite a few folks complaining about wire tapping, airport security, etc. Then complaints about how we extract info from suspects. Terrorists are willing to die for their cause. And will never be persuaded otherwise.

How about disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood and other operatives in this Country. Do you know how many terrorists we have educated in our colleges. Plenty. Yes, we are tough and yes we will stand up. However, this will keep happening until we get serious and realize these people have one objective to kill us. This is a war, different but a war just the same. The last time I looked, a country did not open their arms to people bent on our destruction. I totally do not understand the thinking process of our so called leaders who have allowed us to get into this situation. Pretty sad state of affairs. Sadly, this will continue and many more tears are going to be shed until somebody with authority wakes up and makes some tough decisions putting the good of America first instead of their political careers.

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