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Report to Readers: Among free weekly papers, ‘The Concord Insider’ is tops

Boy, there’s a lot of congratulating to be done today.

Yesterday, just as Ben Conant and Keith Testa were putting the finishing touches on their giant annual Cappies Awards edition of The Concord Insider, they got word that they, too, had won a big award.

The Cappies, for the uninitiated, are bestowed upon the winners of an annual reader poll – best dry cleaner in the Concord area, best pizza place, best spot for brunch, etc. The results were published in this week’s Insider, which was delivered to Monitor subscribers today and will be on city newsstands Wednesday.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire Magazine runs a similar contest called The Best of New Hampshire. And in the mail this week: an announcement that the Insider was named best the free weekly newspaper in the state for 2013. Not bad!

This honor appears to make Conant and Testa the best editors of a “best of” contest in the state. Or something like that.

The magazine’s July issue will have the full scoop. You heard it here first.

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The Concord Insider is a fine supplement to the Concord Monitor, and I congratulate them for the award. However, with regard to ranking "free rags" available to NH readers , both The Weirs Times and The Hippo finish furlongs ahead of the Concord Insider. And well they should. The latter two publications are in a different league. Perhaps the Concord Insider should've won the Best Free Supplement award. All awards aside, the Insider has become a proven ally on "the skinny" for issues/events in the capital area. I seldom ever miss a copy.

Back.......hold still! Pat is coming your way. Future News...."next week American Socialist Party will announce that the Concord Monitor wins the NH Pravda award for best propaganda and most Left leaning editorial staff in NH".... However as far as the insider goes, Conant and Testa are doing a good job.

Did somebody burn all the copies of The Hippo while the contest was going on?

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