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My Turn: Gun-toting belligerence and intimidation

I’d like to thank the Monitor for publishing a link to a very interesting YouTube video taken at the Mayors Against Illegal Guns rally last Tuesday in Concord.

I saw a great deal of belligerence and intimidation in the video, and it was all coming from one side. It reminded me of a bunch of playground bullies trying to enforce their views through intimidation.

Mr. Musso, you stood out! You got yourself arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Congratulations. You must be one to whom the rules don’t apply. Perhaps if you get the opportunity to serve some detention time in the Merrimack County House of Corrections, you may eventually learn to play well with others.

Mr. Demicco, you, of anyone, ought to know better than to behave so irresponsibly. To inject yourself into such a highly charged event was just plain stupid.

For one who depends on a federal firearms license for your livelihood and the goodwill of law enforcement who evidently comprise enough of your business to have a special showroom, hurling the kinds of disrespectful epithets toward those who might be your best customers is not exactly the business model that I would follow. You are lucky you did not get arrested yourself.

Unfortunately, your apology sounded like a pandering, self-serving non-apology apology.

A real apology would go something along the lines of “I was wrong, they have my profound apology” instead of attempting to justify your actions by stating that you did not know whose keys you were kicking.

Lastly, I would like to commend the calm professionalism demonstrated by the Concord police officers involved. Not only did they have a disruptive and resistant arrestee, but they were surrounded by a highly emotional and belligerent crowd.

Nevertheless, every one of them resisted the natural human tendency to respond to emotion with emotion. That this incident ended as it did is a tribute to these officer’s professionalism and training. What I saw in that video epitomizes the professionalism that every police officer should emulate.

I don’t have a political agenda here, I just don’t like being bullied. If a few ignorant loudmouths think that they can change the will of the majority with their belligerence, they should simply go to the polls and see how it works out for them instead of disrespectfully trying to shout down legitimate discourse.

(Jeff Field lives in Loudon.)

Legacy Comments4

You did not watch the video very closely, there was not an assault, the police officer was goating the gun store owner. So, Concord's finest were not so fine in at least this one junior officer. Also, reading the names of the Boston Bomber, Adam Lanza and several other cop killers as victims should have caused a response.

Hey Tex, Goat is a noun not a verb. Under NH 631:2a "(a) Purposely or knowingly causes bodily injury or *unprivileged physical contact* to another;" When Musso made uninvited physical contact with a police officer, he did, in fact, commit simple assault under NH law.

Hear, hear. Kudos to Concord's finest.

Nice letter, and I second your sentiments. Their professionalism defused a tense situation that might otherwise have escalated into violence.

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