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Letter: Appalling

After reading newspaper accounts of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns rally, I viewed the videos of the event posted on YouTube. What I saw should appall every citizen concerned about preservation of their own constitutional rights.

John Cantin, a New Hampshire man whose daughter was killed by gun violence, was exercising his free speech rights when a protester, Daniel Musso, got in Mr. Cantin’s face, heckling and harassing the grieving father.

A scuffle ensued between Musso and the police, and Ralph Demicco, Riley’s Gun Shop owner, added to the hostility by cursing the officers.

The bullies in the audience cursed religious leaders, attempted to intimidate attendees by brandishing guns and, ironically, loudly chanted “freedom” in attempts to drown out the speakers’ constitutionally protected speech.

Ariel Durant said, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” Citizens must stop this disintegration of our society and stop tolerating this type of very cruel behavior and the divisive propaganda of those who apparently run together on this issue and work instead for the well-being and safety of our friends and families.


Center Barnstead

Legacy Comments3

Claire, Good description of the soc/left operatives at many functions. I agree with your premise and prescription for mutual respect and civility but feel if the soc/left is left out of the the treatment plan thye treatment would inadequate. I salute your proposal and feel we need more to call for and actively encourage civility.

I think MR. Musso has always been of bully behavior. His behavior didn't just "happen" because of the rally, it's been there all along. When called on it he cries he's being harassed by law enforcement after he's harassed Mr. Cantin constantly during his speech at the microphone. Mr. Demiccio added fuel to the fire by shouting disrespectful comments to the police while they were trying to diffuse an escalating situation brought on by Musso, friends, and Demiccio by purposely kicking a police officer's keys when they fell off his person. These people do not represent most folks who own guns. These people represent the common thugs that feel they can own any gun they want and make an ass of themselves in the process. I am a gun owner and support the right to own and carry arms. These thugs do not represent me or any of my friends that believe we have the right to bear arms including semi automatic weapons. If they feel that we shouldn't do background checks on mentally unstable people perhaps Mr. Musso and Mr. Demiccio and friends have something to hide.

Look who is talking, LOL. But what about the bullying by the unions in Minnesota and even in Concord in 2011? I see as many left wing bullies as conservative bullies. Of course when liberals do similar things, they are championed as patriotic, when anyone else behaves that way they are called "bullies".

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