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Letter: From Bosse, a false accusation

In his June 30 column Grant Bosse made a very serious accusation that the “Obama administration has used Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act as a political weapon” (“The 50 biggest winners at the Supreme Court,” Sunday Monitor Viewpoints). Bosse cited as a specific example the Texas redistricting plan blocked by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Bosse’s accusation regarding the Texas redistricting plan is demonstrably false, a fabrication designed to smear Holder and to deceive the public. He must have known even before submitting his column for publication that almost a year ago a federal court had ruled on the Texas redistricting plan.

On Aug. 28, 2012, after conducting a two-week trial, hearing dozens of witnesses and reviewing thousands of pages of documentation a panel of three federal judges in a 154-page decision authored by Judge Thomas Griffith ruled unanimously that the Republican redistricting plan intentionally discriminated against the minority population of the state of Texas.

In a footnote the three judges, two of whom were appointed by President George W. Bush, noted that they’d been provided with “more evidence of discriminatory intent” in this case “than we have space, or need, to address here.”

However the truth just doesn’t seem to matter to Bosse, and he deserves to have no credibility with the public. He owes them as well as Holder an apology.

The Voting Rights Act, including Section 5 mandating preclearance, is as relevant today as in 1965 when originally passed as Bush acknowledged by signing the 2006 reauthorization into law.



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So criticizing the worst President ever is now a serious accusation? In Obama's Amerika the "Dear Leader" is not allowed to be criticized. It looks like the extreme left wing is shredding the Constitution with their thought police mentality by spewing their venom against anyone who would disagree with them. You have a right to your opinion but not the facts. The Supreme Court took care of that.

Yes, Van. We know. You don't like the president or people who disagree with you. We're all clear on that. Now, do you have any comments on the letter writer's points?

Publius, you don't read my stuff much. I like the president. Love to have a beer with him in the Rose Garden. Love to join him for an ice cream in Hawaii. Love to go boating with him on Maratha's Vineyard. I wouldn't mind going to one of his many White House taxpayer financed parties. The problem is that Obama is the worst president ever. He hasn't a clue on how to run the country. What hasn't he messed up? Obamacare is a major joke. The world has lost total respect for Obama's Amerika. We are weak, we are poorer we are paying more taxes for what? Bigger Crappier Government. Lets face it if if the facade that the left wing media puts out their to protect the president the rest of America would agree that Obama is the Worst president ever, by far.

Tell me about it. I was in a NYC Post Office today trying to expedite my passport and the lady taking passport applications was turning everyone away and not very nicely. The couple in front of me got the "I haven't got time to explain this any further, now step aside.....NEXT!". So I stepped up and she asked me if I am traveling in 14 days and I said, no 21 days but I need my identity verified so that I can hand carry my application to an agency. Her reply was: "well, looks like you are *h&t out of take your stuff and NEXT!".......this is what we pay taxes for? This is what we deserve and it is not only NYC, I called a local post office and they did a dance to do everything but schedule me an appointment to verify my ID so that I could hand carry my passport to an agency. I mean, government employees are the most rude and entitled feeling folks around and they are also, apparently very lazy. Now that is what you get with Bigger Government. Honestly, all that you wrote is absolutely correct.

Thanks, John. Bosse's bogus screed is proof once again that right-wing demagogues continue their efforts to infect the body politic, a disease treatable only with the truth.

Veritas, Do the soc/leftists ever, ( I mean EVER) write about issues or they only know how throw anemic personal attacks?

T - I don't read the letter that way. It appears to me to be a substantive critique of a statement made by one of the Monitor's columnists, using the ruling of 3 federal appellate judges as a counter to Mr. Bosse's primary assertion. I didn't see any personal attacks or other unwarranted statements in the letter. It is not inappropriate to suggest that a demonstrably questionable statement can have a negative impact on the columnist's credibility. Mr. Bosse's columns are a valuable addition to the editorial pages, and I'm sure he will not be negatively impacted, but his statement was a fair target for a thoughtful rebuttal, and that is what it received.

Publius, I agree with much of your comments here. I just have one question why would Mr. Bosse's substantive critique of the president, an act guaranteed by the Constitution, be a serious accusation? Mr. Bosse's substantive critique of the president is Mr. Bosse's opinion placed on the opinion page and clearly not a serious accusation.

Response to Van below: Say what?

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