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My Turn: This is why so few African Americans vote GOP

It is hard to imagine anyone would choose to equate the horror of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 to providing access to health care to Americans. But it happened right here in New Hampshire. As an African American who recently witnessed Gov. Maggie Hassan sign a bill freeing slaves, posthumously, I am appalled and every Granite Stater should be too.

Just over a week ago, disgraced and deposed former House speaker Bill O’Brien was fervently rallying against health care reform in front of the State House when he shocked the state with this: “And what is Obamacare? It is a law as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.”

Since then, the Concord Monitor has called O’Brien’s comparison “obscene” and “despicable.” The Nashua Telegraph called his statements as “a stain on the New Hampshire House,” and asked the New Hampshire Republican leadership if these views “represent those of the party” as a whole.

More than a week has passed since O’Brien added these disgraceful comments to his long, dark record of shameful and embarrassing remarks.

Instead of an apology, he has battened down the hatches and defended his egregious position. Yet, still more shocking has been the numbing silence coming from the leadership of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

I am struck by how easily and openly the far right wing voices its disdain for providing access to affordable health care for all. Doubly so when such access should be a fundamental right, shared by all Americans. The simple fact is improving the health of our society will improve the health of our economy.

I also am struck by a party which acknowledges the need to be more inclusive, continues to insult, belittle and marginalize the very groups of minority voters needed to win elections. In New Hampshire while it is fair to say our numbers our small, O’Brien and the Republicans who refuse to distance themselves from him should not be lulled into a false sense of security. We vote, we matter and we will be joined by Democrats, Republicans and Independents who find his statement offensive.

O’Brien’s colleagues would be wise to re-consider their silence and show some grit. They need to refute his statements lest they be grouped with him and his radical thinking. With the silence of the GOP leaders, it is easy to understand why so few African Americans even consider voting Republican.

Here’s the kicker – try as they might to thwart the efforts of the President and the Democratic Party – the economy has strengthened, the budget deficit is declining and the rise in health care costs is slowing at a faster rate than projected. Access to affordable health care is the law of the land; it has been upheld by the Supreme Court, and was reaffirmed by voters last fall. Get over it, and let’s talk about improving our education system.

(Joanne Dowdell of Portsmouth is an at-large member of the Democratic National Committee.)

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“Why so few AFRICAN Americans vote GOP”? The GOP may want to think about why so few AMERICANS vote GOP.

Breitbart? Might as well ask Rush Limburgher.

Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, or intolerance. So all Republicans are like Bill O'Brien because democrats hate Bill O'Brien. Is it fair to say that Bill O'Brien is like all Republicans or is it bigoted? If you say it is fair than you must agree that all democrats are like low life womanizers like Anthony Weiner and Filthy Filner. The problem with this column is that it only attacks the strawman Bill O'Brien and doesn't address the Train Wreck known as ObamaKare. Have you noticed lately there is next to zero out their arguing the merits of ObamaKare? I hope Republicans tie ObamaKare around the necks of democrats like a albatross.

"Head of State of Missouri NAACP Calls Clown Mask 'Hate Crime'... FLASHBACK: Obama wore Obama mask on 'Saturday Night Live'..." .......and democrats use the race card again and again and again

"Let´s review: Democrats and civil rights leaders are busy conducting a ridiculous witch hunt against a harmless Missouri rodeo clown who dared to wear an Obama mask. Oprah played the race card on a Swiss shop owner, whom she dubiously accused of denying her a look at a $35,000 handbag because she is black. P.C. mau-mau-ers steamrolled Paula Deen over three-decade-old comments. And feminists continue smearing Republicans as "War on Women" misogynists, while enabling Democratic perv predators Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner for years.".... Now, along comes left-wing, at-large member of the Democratic National Committee demonizing a Republican legislator..... how can anyone in their right mind align themselves with such an awful bunch

Why? First let’s get this out of the way; you were never a slave and I was never a slave owner! But this serves as the basis for many of the societal problems that the socialist left tries to paint as “racism in ”. We have too many politicians, “social leaders” and clerics who, just like you, make a living out of sustaining hate. It’s couched in many ways. For example, “you would’ve been great if it hadn’t been THEM! Therefore put money in my coffers, (or collection plate) and be part of my constituency because I/we are much better than all of them” if these supposedly nursing clerics really cared about this constituencies they would inspire greater accomplishments and making the world a better place. But no-keep stirring the bucket of hate because that’s how you make a living and sometimes very great profit. As to Obama care run that through a common sense filter. You can set a program up to succeed or you can intentionally set up a program to fail. Obama care is in the letter category. Is complex beyond reason filled with bias, cronyism, and additional fees and taxes of all kinds overt & covert. Nobody can figure out what it says or what it means. If you run it through that common sense filter the conclusion is inescapable it wasn’t set up to succeed. It was set up to fail. I suspect before too long someone will make the pronouncement, “are you tired of having to deal with this complexity? Here-why don’t you just take this nice simple understandable national healthcare plan?” Occam’s razor clearly points there as the real plan.

Recognizing, acknowledging, and seeking to address racism is not "sustaining hate". There are Republican politicians, including members of Congress and governors, who continue to feed questions about such things as President Obama's birthplace, his religion, his academic history; and who refuse to admit that, in so doing, they are exploiting deep-seated racism in their constituents. Those who blame the perpetuation of hate on the people who respond to Republican exploitation of racism remind me of the batterer who blames the injured spouse for causing the injuries. (And for this commentator to assert that President Obama intentionally set up the health-care system to fail, degrades as abject fools not only the President, but all those members of Congress and the Senate who voted for it, and all those millions of Americans who overwhelmingly elected him -- twice.) This paranoia --fear without basis in fact -- will continue to diminish the ranks of Republicans and will continue to prevent solutions to societal problems.

You are correct Veritas, the republican party refuses to change for the good of anybody including themselves. Their latest mission is to stop any and all legislation that would move America forward and to try and cast blame on the president for their bruised ego's. They're like spoiled children that aren't going to budge anytime soon until they get their way. Oh well, more of the same coming from the party of no... no solutions that is...

Move forward towards what? Your vision?

Harry Reid stated Obama care is a step towards single payer. The goal of democrats is single payer. Not Obamacare. So, that would tend to make one think Obamacare is set up to fail, because, if it works fantastic, there will be no need to adopt single payer, which is the goal of the democrats. Thats not paranoia.

The GOP has been pressing this meme since President Obama first decided to run - that speaking of race equals racism. It doesn't...

Oh, and Obamacare (the ACA) isn't complex because of Obama...

Easy to find examples showing ObamaKare as the train wreck that it is:

They can't constantly demean more than half the country (women, minorities, gays the poor) and hope to be a majority party.

LOL...speaking of demeaning women...Dont Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy top the list? John Edwards?? Too long ago?? How about Filner from San Diego? Weiner? Spitzer? My God...Talk about demeaning women...

Thanks for reminding me why we have a $17,000,000,000,000 national debt, because " healthcare access" should be a " fundamental right", now that is radical thinking.

Wrong, we have a substantial deficit not because health care might finally be treated as a right, but because of two misguided wars, a mis-named "War on Terror" that is infringing upon constitutional guarantees, because of the worst economic crisis (whose effects included lost tax revenues) since the Great Depression, and because of the bizarre belief fervently held by one party when in the White House that deficits don't matter when they're the result of tax cuts. What's truly radical is thinking that access to health care should be restricted for those of limited means, and thinking that marketplace 'magic' can be applied to the healthcare field in any but the most limited way.

So now that the wars are to end, and the economy is back, no more deficits! They will just be a little bit more than the unsustainable ones under far as the eye can see....wonder why???

to blame the deficit on two wars is the pure folly of democrat revisionist history like that taught in the government institutions of lower learning.

We have gained nearly 7 Trillion in Debt since the Worst president ever (Obama) has been president and you are blaming the debt on Two Wars. LOL. Now one war is over and one will soon will be over everything every things will be nirvana? That will mean that we should be in the black next year. You are one funny guy, Bruce.

To the benighted Carp per Diems below: Aren't you getting tired of the same rants filled with distortions and half-truths? You can't even respond to comments with which you disagree without twisting them beyond recognition, let alone carry on a rational discussion. Speaking about low information... my statement on the causes of the deficit is factually accurate, which you would know if you weren't blinded by the right. Your response(s) were hyper-partisan, inaccurate and just plain lame--as usual. And in case you missed it--the deficit is going down--as the economy finally regains some strength. And note that by next year, the deficit as % of GDP will be quite close to its 30 year average: "With tax collections rising and spending growth slowing down, the deficit is on track to drop to 4 percent of the $16 trillion U.S. GDP for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, according to a May forecast by the Congressional Budget Office. It will shrink to 3.4 percent of GDP next year, the CBO says, close to the 3.3 percent average over the past 30 years, according to Bloomberg data." Good trolling to you.

Follow up to my comment below: Given their frequent displays of mind-numbing obtuseness, their preference for the cherry-picked, out of context factoid over any attempt to marshall facts to support of coherent argument of claims they regard as self-evident, I raise the question for the 2nd time: is one or more of the Carp per Diem brigade on here paid to post? One or more seems at times to engage in troll-like behavior: "An internet 'troll' is an abusive or obnoxious user who uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities. Named after the wicked troll creatures of children's tales, an internet troll is someone who stirs up drama and abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, mysogyny, or just simple bickering between others. Trolls like a big audience, so they frequent blog sites, news sites, discussion forums, and game chat. Trolls thrive in any environment where they are allowed to make public comments. Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.

Reply to Bruce below...To the best of my knowledge, the only people that were paid to comment here at the Monitor, were 2 NH DES employees, and one local teacher, who did so while at work. The rest of us appear, ( by the looks of our posting times) to do it on our own time.

Reply to GTWT below: What a relief. I was concerned the far-right wasn't getting good value for its money. It's good to know it isn't costing them anything, and also reassuring some are willing to troll for free.

Reply to Bruce below. In 2007, the budget deficit was $161 Billion.

And what was the deficit the following year, when the Great Recession hit? $498 billion. And what was it in 2009, one year into the recession, and a year whose budget and spending priorities are set mostly the year before? $1539 billion. Hmm.

Try this on for size. - "The latest posting from the Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Department shows the National Debt now stands at $15.566 trillion. It was $10.626 trillion on President Bush's last day in office, which coincided with President Obama's first day." and to add insult to injury - "The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office." So let's not hand out the Fickle Finger of Fate award just yet. It took us 50 years to finalize the costs incurred by WWI and the whole Gulf fiasco is already the most expensive non-war in history.

reply to Bruce below...You said "Wrong, we have a substantial deficit not because health care might finally be treated as a right, but because of two misguided wars, a mis-named "War on Terror" that is infringing upon constitutional guarantees, because of the worst economic crisis (whose effects included lost tax revenues) since the Great Depression, and because of the bizarre belief fervently held by one party when in the White House that deficits don't matter when they're the result of tax cuts." 1 out of 4 isnt bad...I guess.

democrats dont even realize they vote against their own self interests. Look at Detroit. You'd think by now they'd have tried to vote the other party in. Nope...they'll vote democrat for another 40 years, or until there is nothing there worth staying to vote for.

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