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From the Publisher: Which feature do you miss the most?

To those who have written and called to either make a plea (“I miss that little Beaver,” said one fan of Dennis the Menace) or threaten retaliation (“When my next bill comes, I am canceling my subscription!” warned an unhappy bridge player) I have this to say: Thank you for caring about the paper as you do, and I am listening.

We made a number of changes in the Monitor earlier this month in an effort to achieve several important things at once: reallocating space for new local content, freshening our regular features and saving some money that needed to be saved. Even the additions took getting used to, but several of the subtractions continue to generate protests.

So far I’d say that dropping the Goren bridge column has topped the list, with baseball box scores and Dennis the Menace not far behind.

Change is a necessity for us in these challenging, interesting times – but so is responding to our best customers. Please, over the next week, let me know which of these was your favorite feature, and why. Meanwhile, we’ll reassess our options and see what we can do. You can register your preference by phone (369-3250) or email (mtravis@cmonitor.com).


Legacy Comments2

Bring back all the features you used to have before you went to the cheapo version just before the election last year. Bring back the Avitar, the ability to edit a post, the ability to look at archived posts, the post scoring system. You know all the good stuff.

I miss Bob Washburn every week.

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