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Editorial: Could the Tea Party return in 2014? You bet.

A too cerebral president vacillates in midterm, his can-do campaign rhetoric long forgotten. New Hampshire voters react by penciling in the box next to any name accompanied by an R. The next thing you know, a Tea Party legislature is cutting money for higher education in half, endorsing sidearms in the State House and eliminating services for troubled children.

The year was 2010. After voters threw the bums out in 2012, the new Legislature spent a lot of time undoing most of the damage.

Could 2010 happen again in 2014? You bet.

A recent New York Times-CBS poll showed President Obama’s popularity at 41 percent, its lowest point in two years. As a result, a majority of respondents in the poll said they were more likely to vote Republican than Democratic in the fall.

The Republican Party is wallowing in an identity crisis. Republican House Speaker John Boehner rides far lower in popularity than the president. Under the false claim of religious freedom, conservative Republicans sound like Jim Crow southern Democrats in their schemes for ostracizing gay people.

It isn’t as if voters don’t recognize these problems. Although they say they’re leaning Republican, the poll indicated, they favor Democratic positions on many issues, including same-sex marriage immigration and gun control.

Unless an economic boom occurs, midterm elections are often a problem for the party of the incumbent president. The other trend that bodes ill for Democrats is that some of their core constituencies turn out in greater proportions for presidential elections than in off-years.

Vice President Joe Biden has taken note of the gloom in his party. In recent speeches his message is that plenty good can still happen between now and Election Day. Asserting that “There is no Republican Party,” he’s pushing Democrats to embrace their positions with gusto.

New Hampshire Democrats should take this message to heart. With the help of moderate Republicans in the Legislature, they’ve pulled the state back to its live-and-let live roots. They’re on the verge of passing a Medicaid plan. In the coming campaign, they should herald that plan and the other benefits of Obamacare.

They also need to be smart about preventing a repeat of the Tea Party takeover in 2010. That will require a full-scale campaign to ensure that voters know about the far-out positions of some Tea Party candidates.

The odds in the 2014 election favor Republicans, and the stakes are high. New Hampshire voters need reminding about the embarrassing antics of the Tea Party legislature. If complacent Democrats and undeclared centrists stay home next November, the state could be in for another nasty swing to the far right.

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It's unfortunate the Tea Party, which many of us took as "T" as in taxes, got hijacked by the religious right. If that had not happened, there would be far more many Tea Partiers. True Tea Partiers, old time Republicans, folks who care about the future of this country, take this party back from the so called "pro-life" wacko bible thumpers. They are playing into the hands of O'Bummer, the $ociali$t in Chief. The way we're headed, I'm glad I'm old and won't have to put up with this $ocialism much longer. My kids will, but ......

Beware folks. The Tea Party won big in 2010. And we got . . . 1) legislation (written by former F&G law violators)to make violating F&G laws no longer a crime . . . 2) legislation forcing all future legislation to find it's precedent in the Magna Carta . . . 3) legislation removing all courses in Arts, Foreign Language, Health/PE and Technology from the state's definition of an "adequate education." Do we REALLY want to go back to THAT?!?!?

Dear Annie, Jeanne and Carol, please spend considerable time and resources campaigning on the benefits of the ACA, talking points should include "you can keep your doctor. Period" and also please promote "common sense" restrictions on firearms ownership. Sincerely, your friends at the CM.

I would expect language like this from Nancy Pelosi but not from the editor of a local paper. Calling our fiscal responsible republican legislators "bums" is way over the top. So is this line, "Under the false claim of religious freedom, conservative Republicans sound like Jim Crow southern Democrats in their schemes for ostracizing gay people." There is no "false" claim of religious freedom and no one is trying to "ostracize" gay people. At least the Jim Crow laws were properly linked to democrats. No wonder why the Monitor keeps getting thinner and thinner with fewer pages and fewer ads and more and more articles from outside sources. Notice, however, that the Monitor doesn't give free subscriptions to low income households. They only like giving away someone else's money.

best post won the internet.

And all the southern Democrats became southern Republicans.

If they haven't yet, they will by the time Obama is done.

it's hard to top post of the decade...but you proved it can be done....

I see it takes very, very little to impress you as far as comments go. Capihall's anemic post shows how low the bar is set. The crew of Rinos that had brief control were in essence a bunch of bums drunk with power, hard to argue that. As to the Jim Crow analogy, I found that very creative and true. To strike back with the southern democrat jab was just an insight as to the cluelessness of the poster. The post war south loathed the republicans and anything connected with them. That made them democrats by default, not by sharing beliefs. I just love how you and the other conservatives have managed to cut and paste history to meet your needs. I would like to comment on the premise that the CM has shrunk in size due to politics. Not even close, again a sign of the times, People are not willing to live with once a day news updates. We feel the need to be informed in real time with no delay, something not possible with traditional newspapers. Again with the twisting of "facrs".

Well CM, the vulnerable Dems are not taking your advice. They are distancing themselves from Obamacare. And the buzz is the next delay on Obamacare will be to allow insurance companies to keep selling their policies that do not include the ACA mandates for another year. I guess Pelosi knows now what is in that bill that had to be passed so we all could find out what is in it.

Au contraire...spurious claims of religous "freedom" are exactly what are being used to justify discrimination against gays in several states. And as for the Jim Crow laws, GCarson properly points out that those folks joined the Republican party in droves beginning in the 1960's. The landmark civil rights and voting rights bills were pushed through by LBJ, who knew it likely meant the loss to Republicans of the south for a generation or more. On civil rights, the two parties have essentially changed places since the 19th century. The many Republicans then who supported civil rights legislation--Percy, Javits, Saltonstall, Scott, et al, would be sneered at by today's hard-right GOP. Moderate Republicans have been systematically driven from the party over the last generation. The party of Lincoln is more properly now the party of Jefferson Davis.

As if the deep snows and arctic temperatures weren't depressing enough .........

I am not a Tea Party member but after reading the vitriol by folks who post on this forum from the Left, I will be cheering them on to crush progressives in the Fall.

in 2010 the debt & deficit democrats left the Responsible Republicans an almost $$$$ 800 MILLION deficit. The Responsible Republicans balanced the budget. Democratic campaign platform of same-sex marriage, immigration and gun control dont even hit the top 10 issues of real Americans. The democrats focus on phoney issues to campaign on such as their false war on women or minimum wage instead of their promise to "focus like a laser on jobs" The debt, deficit, bond and borrow democrats will bankrupt America - not only financially but more importantly ......morally. post 1 of 12 on 3/4

Democrats and undeclared centrists should not stay home next fact I hope they show up in full force at the polls...Me? I plan on voting this November...

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