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Editorial: Why the silence on Weare death?

Is law enforcement protecting its own?

It’s been more than a month since a suspected Manchester drug dealer was shot and killed during a drug bust carried out by two Weare police officers and two confidential informants. Presumably the officers involved were suspended pending an investigation, but no one knows for sure.

When a civilian kills someone, his or her name and that of the victim is released almost immediately. That’s usually the case in deaths involving law enforcement officers as well. Last week, for example, when Randall Kerrick, a Charlotte, N.C., police officer, shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell, a former college football player seeking help after an auto accident, authorities made the officer’s name public swiftly.

Why the silence when it comes to the officer or officers who killed Alex Cora DeJesus, a small-time drug dealer who reportedly was killed while attempting to flee police?

Rumors abound and
suspicion of a cover-up is growing.

Attorney General Joe Foster should either release the names of those involved and whether they have been charged or explain why withholding the information is in the public’s interest. Law enforcement officers must not be permitted to shoot first and answer questions later, much, much later.

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Can't imagine why the AG would even want to protect Weare police with all the problems and civil rights lawsuits against the department. It smells to high heaven.

hypocrites - the Monitor does not give a hoot about the Americans including the Ambassador who were murdered in Benghazi. Hillary & Obama LIED to you about their arms running scandal gone wrong.

Keep moving, folks, nothing to see here.

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