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Letter: Turning local control over to the education industry

I am constantly amazed by the fluff that is put out by supposedly serious newspapers which then often fail to approve the printing of anything that might dare to expose their modus operandi. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to write even if it won’t get seen. Case in point is this latest unicorns-and-rainbows screed: “A rewarding revival: Community awards celebrated as part of grant-driven turnaround effort” (Monitor front page, Dec. 23).

As usual with the Concord Monitor, the devil is in the details. What is not explained in the column is that this “reform” in Pittsfield is the Annenberg Institute for School Reform’s radical vision for “transforming” education into a mechanism for world government and “social justice.” Your kids will be subjected to the failed methods of outcome-based education. Having been indoctrinated with political content as the basis for the curriculum, they will never learn the skills to be anything other than dependent on government. What should be local control is now being turned over to corporations and foundations in the education “industry” who have leveraged the federal government’s resources (your taxes and mine) to subsidize their intrusion.

Read more about Annenberg and the “experts” you have so unwittingly invited into your schools for the past 40 years. Perhaps this will open your eyes as to why these schools are failing and why our country is its current predicament.



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As usual, the writer's post is long on rhetoric, but short on details and facts. Transforming education into "a mechanism for world government and 'social justice'"? I'd say there's room in this country for a lot more 'social justice'. Advancing educational opportunities for the poor in this country is by definition 'social justice'. From the Annenberg website: "The Annenberg Institute’s mission is 'to develop, share, and act on knowledge that improves the conditions and outcomes of schooling in America, especially in urban communities and in schools serving disadvantaged children.' The Institute’s values are embodied in four Core Principles that emphasize results, equity, community, and learning. It's that dirty word 'equity' that gets conservatives every time--as if the result of 3 decades of trickle-down Reaganomics--stagnant wages, $46,000 tax cuts for millionaires, reduced social and economic mobility, was somehow natural and right, rather than deliberate and a disaster for the 99% and for the nation. Thanks to 30 years of Reaganomics, we've lost our position as the world's leading democracy and engine of middle class prosperity.

"It's that dirty word 'equity' that gets conservatives every time-""results" is.

informed readers will know that the Annenberg Institute experiment on children in Chicago were run by Obama and his domestic bombing terrorist pal Bill Ayres. this is their result after tens of $$$$ Millions spent: Challenge had little impact on school improvement and student outcomes, with no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence."

Ahhhh sameness the mark of Socialism.

I personaly believe that local control over education is one of the major causes of decline of our childrens education. too many local decisions are made not on what's best for education but what can be paid for by property taxes. Look at you school budget and see where cuts are usually made when money is not avqailable, Teachers, books, equipment, and training. It's no wonder that there are distinct differtences in the outcomes of different schools. And then when a school is in trouble with standards the local all vote to lower the standards. It's time that education once again becomes a national priority as it was after WWII with education standards and facilities that are the same in all schools and states.

100% run by the liberal Unions - how does that escape your formulation of a sound thought

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