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Letter: Diplomacy first

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: We think that your co-sponsorship of a bill that would increase sanctions on Iran is unnecessary, dangerous and foolish. The bill you have co-sponsored, “Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act of 2013,” would impose even heavier sanctions on Iran and undermine the president’s efforts to affect a positive outcome concerning Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

The Senate bill you support, if passed, would torpedo any possible peaceful outcome. The five permanent members of the Security Council of the U.N. plus Germany have negotiated an agreement with Iran that would ensure that Iran will never obtain nuclear weapons capability. The U.S. and the P5-plus-1 struck a deal with Iran. Give it a chance to live up to this agreement. Voting to bring in new, more punitive sanctions will only sabotage the ongoing negotiations.

We, therefore, strongly advise and request that you withdraw your support for this bill. Americans are weary of war and are aware of how much our recent wars and occupations have cost us in human terms and financially. Congress must demonstrate to the world that the United States is moving away from war as a means of “solving” disputes with other nations and will begin to support genuine diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts that may arise with other nations.

Sen. Ayotte, we urge you to try diplomacy first, as war is costly and deadly.


Auburn and Goffstown

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The 6 months the interim agreement lasts while talks proceed will have little or no effect on the pace or scope of Iran's nuclear program. What the sanctions bill would do if passed is likely scuttle any chance of a permanent agreement, and with it any hope of restoring some semblance of sanity to one part of the Middle East. That Ayotte signed on to this bill is pure political grandstanding on her part--pandering to the right as she did with the gun lobby. Acting "tough on Iran" requires no political courage. Pursuing talks to seek a permanent diplomatic solution on the Iranian nuclear program, on the other hand.... And after all, our two $3 billion wars of choice currently winding down worked out so well. Let's give diplomacy a chance--for a change.

There are few instances where any kind of diplomacy has worked in the Middle East with religious fanatics. Iran looks at us as "weak" because we want to talk instead of taking actions. The religious leaders in the Middle East understand one thing....strength......there will NEVER be any permanent political solutions with Iran. You are naive if you think so.

Never is a long time, and since when did you become one who can foresee the future? The sanctions to date have worked, costing the Iranian economy billions--that's why Iran has come to the table. Any final agreement will include continued inspections by the IAEA, which has stated that the Iranian nuclear program is on pause. What other "actions" would you take--above and beyond more sanctions?

as disingenuous as ever the liberal neglects to mention TOP democrats in Senate are also against it . Sen Schumer (D-NY) Sen Levin (D-IL) Sen Menendez (D-NJ) etc etc etc. for real news read this: Dems still press for new sanctions:

As I noted in my post, it takes no political courage to support this bill. Unfortunately, moral and political cowardice is bipartisan.

an inquisitive reader might ask why this deal did not occur when Hillary was the Sec of State. Does "Wag The Dog" come to mind.

the key condition for Iran to hold talks—relief from crippling Congressional sanctions—began illegally and unilaterally by Obama months ago. Everybody knows that THE SANCTIONS WERE WORKING!. HEADLINE: Israeli Leader Calls Iran Deal ´Historic Mistake´ Associated Press, by Josef Federman.... most in the world now know it was a awful deal and now everyone in the world knows what awful negotiators Hillary, Kerry & Obama really are. HEADLINE: Iran says Obama administration LIED about details of nuke deal, claiming uranium enrichment will actually INCREASE.Read more: Only a democrat could actually believe that Iran would stand by it's word. The threat of even tighter sanctions (that were working) ... IS .....the only stance for the world.

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