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Letter: Unconscionable

Re “State rep investigated in duck incident at hotel” (Sunday Monitor Local & State page, Dec. 29):

There is a saying that a good indication of a person’s character is how he treats his mother and animals. Well, Rep. David Campbell has failed on one account.

His malicious atrocity of killing and injuring the ducks at the Crowne Plaza Hotel is unconscionable.

And his comment, according to witness James Murphy, that the “ducks should have moved” is a further indication of Campbell’s callous indifference to life.

The ducks that he injured most likely suffered a horribly long and painful death. Evidently, suffering and painful death are of no consequence to Campbell.

He is indifferent.

If Campbell felt so “terrible” about the incident, why did he not stay until the police arrived or try to assist in contacting animal control in an attempt to save and treat the injured ducks?

My hope is that at the very least Campbell will face criminal charges for his malicious and sadistic act and that he is censured by his colleagues. I am going to make it my business that when Campbell is up for re-election to remind voters of his malicious and sadistic act. Do we want this caliber of person representing our interests? I think not.

If it were still legal, I would recommend that Campbell be stripped and flogged.



Legacy Comments3

David doesn't seem to react well under such situations and seems a bit blinkered under all the attention he's receiving. My suggestion to start the healing would be to make a substantial donation to NH Audubon, Ducks Unlimited or some other wildlife benefiting charity.

Reminds me of the time my wife ran over a squirrel (accidently, before anyone gets upset). Our 5-year old asked if we could take the squirrel to the vet. I thought it was cute at the time, but if this letter writer had her way, we'd all be thrown in jail!

So . . . when people engage in a licensed, legal activity that puts food on their tables(and on the tables of the homeless) and helps maintain sustainable wildlife populations the "antis" come out in force and say it should be stopped. But when a Democratic state rep runs over and kills several ducks and then DOESN'T eat their remains, it's a "slow news day?" The left is so bass-ackwards on the subject of animal welfare(I refuse to call it "animal rights") that I can't fathom it. Feeding wildlife is the real cause of this incident. If those ducks hadn't been conditioned to rely on humans for food they wouldn't have been anywhere near that driveway. Yet THOSE people are "just being nice to the little duckies" . . . yeah right!

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