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Letter: Hard driving in Sutton

Just curious as to why I still pay taxes in Sutton, when obviously none of that money is being put to the highway department – although, if it is, they should really be ashamed of themselves.

Drive anywhere outside of Sutton, and crews have made the roads clean and passable. I guess they must have used that nice warm day to use salt. A large majority of the roads in Sutton have gone from passable thoroughfares to Class 6 roads, almost unmanageable at speeds posted.

I’d like to know if I get some of my tax dollars back to pay for some of the repairs my family’s vehicle is going to need just to get out of Sutton.


North Sutton

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I too am very disappointed with the roads in Sutton, no salt? I certainly didn't vote for no salt, are you crazy? This is New Hampshire in winter. I had a very scary slide down Corporation Hill Rd on Saturday evening January 8th. Imagine how scary to know no sand or salt on the hill heading down to Sutton Mills. Thankfully I hit a telephone pole and a snow bank to stop me sledding down the hill. My truck doesn't have skis on it! If the accident was serious, how long do think it would take to get rescue up the sheer ice hill? I am sure there others out there who have had accidents because of stupidity. Town officials take notice this is very dangerous and our taxes are high enough, now we have to pay the town guys overtime to try to clean up this mess! Touch it once WITH SALT!

I agree with you totally. Voted against using salt on the roads? Since when? I see our taxes going up just to pay for the extra time the town guys work. What happened to work smarter, not harder? Well, thanks to those who voted "salt is bad". Let's see how much it's going to cost them when their vehicles are damaged due to this stupid idea. I know my damage is will be costly. On another note, if they are going to sand a road, such as Corporation Hill, they really should do the WHOLE thing instead of stopping on top of the hill. I slid down the other side, reached top speed of 40MPH, couldn't stop and almost took the bridge out sideways. Thankfully my children were not in the car!

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