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Letter: Some of us think for ourselves

Re “Some questions for the GOP” (Monitor letter, Jan. 9):

While I am not one of those hateful GOPers, I thought it important to inform Steve Metzger that there are others out here in the hinterlands who vote our own minds. Some of us don’t believe in many of the things the “horrible” GOP touts but similarly don’t believe the “dependency-loving” Democrats do any better. He writes about things former presidents fought for, as if that somehow made them correct. Many of us non-Republicans fought against Medicare and Medicaid and would have fought Social Security too, if we’d been of voting age when FDR foisted that Ponzi Scheme on the nation many years ago.

Is Metzger suggesting that we must all join him to only support what he does? Is that a demand or an invitation? Some of us actively support universal laws that reward survival of the fittest among all species. Condemning others who don’t believe as Metzger, does not make him correct, or those others, incorrect, but only of a different mind.



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Maybe most thinking people are Independents, but that lets out most of the posters on here who definitely belong to one party or another.. When I was much younger I believed the adage that one party was the same as another and they were all crooks anyway, until RFK. When a party mostly espouses my beliefs I belong to that party. Even if I don't always agree with it. Especially if the other party is so anti everything I believe in and so mean spirited and yes "greedy".

A 'different mind' indeed: "Some of us actively support universal laws that reward survival of the fittest among all species." Really? That presumably would be Libertarianism, known in a previous pernicious incarnation as Social Darwinism? For acolytes of Ayn Rand, there may be no such thing as 'society', but those of us who exist in the real world like to pretend otherwise. The "self-made man" is an oxymoron, and always has society to thank for some greater or lesser amount of his achievement. And to the extent that Libertarianism has ANY grounding in reality, it distorts biology and the concept of 'survival of the fittest'. Oppose Medicare, Medicaid, and "Social Security too"? Are they sapping our vital essences as rugged individuals and little libertarians on the prairie? Social Security a Ponzi scheme? Then so are most forms of insurance. Social Security is self-sustaining, and with tweaking will be long into the future. No Ponzi Scheme ever made that claim. You may not be a "hateful GOPer", but that's cold comfort for this reader. "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."

So, in other words, what you're saying is: if you're not a card-carrying Democrat - you're chopped liver? Look, when you have two groups of people(Dems and the GOP) it's a mathematical impossibility that one group of people can always be right about every issue, while the other is always wrong about every issue. And that is one of the main reasons why most thinking people are independents.

No, I said nothing about either Democrats or Republicans, my post was aimed at Libertarianism. Most Democrats are spineless, and Republicans are craven toadies of the rich. Both major parties have been corrupted and co-opted by the money needed to conduct their campaigns, while gerrymandering has made for many safe seats in both parties. We have legislative gridlock, and regulatory capture, and the corporate powers that be are happy with the status-quo. We need someone courageous enough to buck the system, and push for genuine reform at many levels--regulatory, legislative, political. But it won't happen until voters begin to demand it, and there's no immediate prospect of that--the masses are preoccupied with the modern form of bread and circuses--junk food, the NFL, and cheap consumer goods. What we're looking at is the end of democracy in America, as income and wealth accumulate to an ever greater extent at the top. No democracy can survive long in the face of such entrenched power--the American oligarchy.

Well now you're speaking to the choir. I don't know how many times I've said on here that we need to do away with our two corrupt parties and either adopt a multi-party system like Canada or the UK - or do away with parties altogether.

Not to mention unchristian.

Letter of the week. No, letter of the year so far! Thank you George!

Darn good comment, George. Somewhere in there is reason # 873 why I hate politics. Far too many people argue politics making the same mistake as arguing using the words "always" and "never". It just destroys a person's sensibility and credibility. In other words, if you tell me "Democrats, or Republicans," do this or that, I don't want to hear it.

Agreed - the broad sweeping brush that lumps all liberals or all conservatives into identical profiles is so clearly inaccurate. I don't understand why people don't understand that this behavior instantly calls their credibility into question.

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