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Letter: Rich with passion, emotion

Re “Detoxify the website, please” (Monitor letter, Jan. 5):

John Corrigan would love the Monitor website commenting forum to become an echo chamber, replete with repetitive progressive views and void of anyone expressing an alternate opinion.

Most folks fear being called out and demonized by progressives acting like the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The Monitor website comments are rich with passion, emotion and many regular posters involved in the exchange of ideas. That may be a reason for progressives to rail against the tone and tenor of the forum. However, those who find it over the top are more likely to be offended by others’ opinions rather than the responses.

Like our country, people posting comments on the Monitor website are deeply divided over the course of our nation. The Monitor moderator can’t be totally objective; Lady Justice may be present at the Monitor but she is peeking with her left eye from the corner of her blind fold.

The Monitor should be congratulated for having the foresight to allow readers to comment.

Many people have opinions that they want to express anonymously. They know that in the world of political correctness that one side attempts to constantly put anyone in disagreement with them into boxes of “phobes,” “ists” and “ers”. The posts and letters calling for others to use their real names is a recipe for intimidation and silencing voices which may fly in the face of a particular set of views or ideology. Corrigan appears to long for this, along with validation of dogma versus discourse and a lively discussion.



Legacy Comments2

Now where have I heard this before?

I just don't get the argument that it's OK for the paper to require a signature on all letters published in the print edition, but somehow the whole system breaks down when people are expected to use their real names when they post to the website.

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