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Letter: For Christie, the opportunity of a lifetime

In spite of himself, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just stumbled into the presidency.

It’s been pretty clear that Christie has been running for president since at least 2012. That year he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that focused more on him than on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Then there was the photo-op with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy.

The moves proved he was a political mastermind. Christie worked against Romney because a Romney win in 2012 would have meant a re-election bid in 2016. This would push a Christie presidential run back to 2020. Christie was hot in 2012, but a lot can happen in eight years. In working against Romney, he created some serious enemies, especially with a Tea Party that saw him as a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and not pure enough to garner their support.

This is where Christie’s bridge scandal comes into play. Christie’s going for the Democratic mayor’s jugular proved he could fight. By contrast, one of the Tea Party’s leading complaints about national politicians is they aren’t tough enough on Democrats. The term “spineless” is often used. Now the Tea Party has found a candidate with some spine.

This, combined with Christie’s taking responsibility by firing staff, contrasted with Obama’s handling of the fiasco, and Tea Partiers values have aligned with a candidate who could actually win the presidency.

Unintentionally, Christie just stumbled into the political opportunity of a lifetime. Now he just needs to work on not stumbling out of it.



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Governors make Great Presidents for obvious reasons. - We have already proven why Senators as presidents are a disaster for the country. IF you dont know the history of Senators as Presidents....... then you are what is know as a LIDV

Sorry Matt but your attempt at humor wasn't funny because you obviously didn't research your topic well enough. The Tea Party HATES Chris Christie. They have DESPISED him ever since he touched President Obama. According to the TP/Free-State/Libertarian crowd he's too moderate, too progressive, to big govt., etc. Just like Scott Brown, Jon Huntsman, Buddy Roemer and every other sane member who remains in the GOP - they would crawl on their knees over hot coals AND broken glass to vote AGAINST him.

I just don't like Christie because he is arrogant, like Obama but more up front and honest about who he is. If he was elected president at least we would know what we are getting.

Well we certainly do not need a President who goes for the jugular or could care less about the average more Obama type presidents.

So who do you think was using that bridge? Do you think Romney cared about the average person? It seems to me the problem you Repubs have with Obama is he cares about the average person too much.

Obama is a narcissist, he cares about Obama. From the day he started office closing a charter school in Washington DC but saying he is all for great education to saying he is all for the little guy and pushing the IRS to go after tipped employees he is a hypocrite of the highest order. He cares about the average person who feels as if they are a victim when they made poor life choices. He cares about votes and getting votes so support his anarchial agenda.

Just what this country needs is a President who goes for the jugular.

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