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Letter: Irony

Does anyone think it ironic that the EPA warns us not to eat fish contaminated with mercury, but we can only buy light bulbs full of mercury, that are made in China?

Does anyone think it ironic that the EPA only wants us to buy electric cars, but all its regulations and closing of coal fired electric plants are driving up the cost of electricity?

Does anyone think it ironic that the press is crucifying New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for not being aware of the lane closings to the bridge, but the press didn’t say a word about Obama not being aware of the lack of security at the embassy where four Americans were killed?



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Mercury according to the EPA defines the oral reference dose, otherwise known as (RfD) as......."estimate of daily exposure to the human population that is likely to be without an appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a persons lifetime". Based on this, you would have to eat 10X the seafood that a normal person eats evevery day for the rest of your life to have harmful effects. Not only that but mercury in the environment is caused by volcanoes. An erupting volcano, erupting for just a week can spread 1000X more mercury into the climate than all of fossil fuel burning plants in the world in 5 years. But the killer is that according to the EPA a hazmat kit is needed for the cleanup of one of those curly Q bulbs. Just for information, 4 ounces of swordfish has .96 mg of lead, those curly Q bulbs have 5mg, exposed directly to the air when broken. Incadescent bulbs are the way to go. Who would ave ever thought that in a free country, government would limit what kind of light bulb you could use? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines the oral Reference Dose (RfD) for mercury as an, “estimate of a daily exposure to the human population that is likely to be without an appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime.” That means you would have to eat seafood that contains mercury ten-times above the action level everyday for the rest of your life to begin to even approach a level that would cause concern.

The newer compact fluorescent bulbs have only half as much mercury as the original ones. You don't need a hazmat kit to clean up a broken CFL--at worst you need to open a window after carefully cleaning up the glass. Coal-fired plants are the source of at least half the mercury we're exposed to in the environment. Using energy-efficient CFLs puts much less of that mercury into the air than relying on old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. You have an oddly selective view of freedom, if you don't think government has a duty to protect the environment, and those who inhabit it--in other words the 'right' to a safe and healthy environment. This right should always take precedence over the 'right' of corporations to pursue short term profits while doing long-term harm. Your individual 'right' to buy incandescent bulbs is far outweighed by the benefit to society of cleaner air, water, and land, and reduced CO2 emissions.

I can't say that it's ironic because.... that's not what the word means. (Editor take note - why did you perpetuate the rampant mis-use of this word? .) I think you're looking for something like "inconsistent," "contrary," or "conflicting." Or even "hypocritical," if you want to assign bad intent. At any rate, it's certainly not ironic. [taking my dictionary back into my cave now]

From mercury-tainted fish to Benghazi--quite the juxtaposition. There is only a small amount of mercury in a compact fluorescent bulb, and one is unlikely to be exposed to any of it if you clean up a broken bulb carefully. The energy savings from using the bulbs means less reliance on coal-fired energy, which is the dirtiest of the fossil fuels, spewing mercury and other toxins, and contributing the most CO2 to greenhouse warming of all the fossil fuels. Global warming didn't end with the recent cold snap that affected less than 2% of the planet's land mass--Fox News and other denier claims to the contrary. Whatever the impact of tighter regulations on coal might have on the costs of electricity, they reflect more accurately coal's true costs on the environment--including its toll on human health. If you don't like compact fluorescent bulbs, start switching over to LEDs, more expensive but even more efficient and longer lasting.

I just bought out Wal-Mart of the "old school" bulbs. Only six boxes but they should last me awhile. As for mercury in fish . . . it's a bit overplayed. Probably BIG MEAT is in on it. If you choose wisely, fish is not a safety issue. In other words, eating a piece of tuna is much safer than breaking one of those new mercury-bulbs in your house.

As long as your idea of eating wisely means not eating anything caught in NH rivers and lakes besides the stocked trout, you are right. We all know consuming mercury is unhealthy, it is a cumulative toxin, so anything that reduces mercury emissions is a wise move. Since coal burning is a major source of mercury, it's a no brainer. Still haven't grasped the whole compact bulb issue. As for Benghazi, I am still more outraged at the Kent State killings.

I've been eating fish caught in NH and VT rivers and lakes since childhood. Not a problem if you know what to eat and what not to eat and limit your intake. Now if you're a pregnant or nursing mother, that's another thing entirely.

Ah the beginning of hoarding. I remember in the 70's when phosphorus was removed from laundry detergent, hoarding a carton of Wish afraid my whites would never be white again. I remember a neighbor converting his new car engine from no lead gas to lead gas (illegal) because he thought the no lead would ruin his engine. Car never worked right and he couldn't resell it. Nothing to fear except fear itself.

Sorry I meant WISK. I don't want the spelling police after me.

I had you pegged as a FAB or Ivory detergent user.

I call it massive hypocrisy of the democrats. What is worse is the LIDV's acceptance of the pathological lying by HILLARY & NObama

See David Fischer's letter: "Double Standard." That's what those are.

Excellent letter! Yes, they want to tell us to do this and do that but the hypocrisy is stunning. It is like progressives telling us about how CEO's make too much but they have no issue with Beyonce earning $50,000,000 for contributing what? If you support their agenda and beliefs, they remain silent.

So you are comparing what a private person earns with what a CEO earns who runs a company that gets tax subsidies and, has to answer to shareholders and in many cases got government bailouts? Talk about irony. So much for being a free market capitalist.

What are you trying to say.........the CEO creates jobs and produces things......are you aware that Beyonce "is" a corporation?

Aren't all people corporations now or is it all corporations are people now? Never can keep it straight.

Corporations are organized groups of people who have the right (see Citiizens United) to fund and back political candidates which represent their greater good. You know, like ACORN, unions, George Soros and the Sandlers do.......

Arguing with a liberal 101....

A good read: "How to debate Paul Krugman"

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