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Letter: Make way for ducklings

Re “Police calls over duck incident released” (Nashua Telegraph article, Monitor Local & State section, Jan. 16):

What a scene it must have been! Whether through careless disregard or drunken indifference, Democratic state representative David Campbell motors his way through a parking lot one night and flattens a fistful of ducks. All this in front of shocked and outraged bystanders. After the dust settled, it now appears he may have been guilty of drunken driving, destruction of state property (the ducks), fleeing the scene and lying to authorities about his alcohol consumption. Great.

Enter Nashua Police Commissioner Tom Pappas, his “friend.” It now appears Pappas attempted to pull the levers of his office and cover up Campbell’s misdeeds by delaying the surrender of his “friend” to authorities until the next day – presumably until Campbell had sobered up. With lightning speed, judicial action renders a token fine while the investigation is still under way, and Campbell attempts to buy a get-out-of-jail-free card from the Audubon Society. What a scene indeed!

Now that these two jokers have thoroughly humiliated themselves on the public stage, it is time for them to get off it, and resign with what little integrity they have left. The citizens of New Hampshire deserve better representation. Certainly the ducks deserved better.



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democrats are shameless. Proof that there is no longer even a single statesman in the party is that no democrats in the hierarchy have demanded he resign. He is not an invaluable citizen in a 400+ part time citizen legislature - NO one is.... resign Campbell !!!!

First of all, I believe this man was drinking and that the interference of the police commissioner should be looked into.. This man is not a Concord Rep and it seems the newspapers for the towns involved are spending plenty of ink on it. If you have that much interest in it go on line and read all about it. I really don't see why the Concord Monitor should be getting involved in it and sending reporters down there to see what is going on with the ducks.

It's not about "ducks" it?

.It was not about the ducks just as in NJ it is not about the bridge, It is about misuse of power and misconduct. But that not your question was it?

Oh yeah the bridge in NJ....the one with 2 monitor articles and an editorial??? Is that correct??

I didn't realize Campbell was national figure planning to run for President?

I recall that the Monitor was going to focus less on National know...except in cases like these...who saw that coming??

You do worry a thing to death, don't you.?

"but that not your question was it?" Is "Tillie" the screen name of George W. Bush???

Hunter, I don't understand the reference. I left off the word "was', if that is what you meant. I was having twinkles in my own eyes when the Beatles were on tv. so please excuse any mistakes I might make as you can imagine my age.

No harm no foul . . . I chuckled at your reference to the Beatles thread. Have a good day Ma'am.

and not one reporter from the Monitor asking questions...Why not?

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