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Letter: Important program on guns

Gun owners, please watch the ABC program 20/20 with Diane Sawyer which airs on Friday at 10 p.m. and see what we, non-gun owners, are very concerned about. People are forgetful, careless and make mistakes. But when a gun owner does, it ends or ruins lives. Children and the mentally disturbed find guns in their own or a relative’s home and regard them as toys, sometimes with devastating consequences. There also must be no loopholes on background checks so that guns are kept away from the “bad guys.”

The time to prevent more tragedies is now, and we need your help to find sensible ways to achieve this humanitarian goal.


New London

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On the recent shootings in Maryland, in September Maryland passed some of the most stringent laws in the nation. It is not about more laws. In NH there are background checks, BTW.

except were it concerns mental health issues. That's on the honor system. BTW

does drowning in water kill more children than guns? - a reader might want to do that research

"Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics", like all cliches, is based in fact. Before succumbing to the media's Jedi mind trick, please spend some time reviewing the CDC's data on accidental deaths. Why they lump suicides and homicides into accidental firearm deaths is beyond me, but here is how the data breaks down. Of all deaths, the top 5 causes are- Heart disease: 597,689, Cancer: 574,743, Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080, Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476, and Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859. Top accident deaths are Poisoning, Motor Vehicle, Firearms, and Falls. Firearms deaths are 61.5% suicides, and 35% homicides. That leaves 3.5 % of all firearm deaths are accidental. Never mind that a large number of homicides are either justified, or one crook killing another crook, aka "the good riddance factor". That means about 1108 truly accidental firearm deaths occurred in 2010 (the most recent year of stats). Compared to unintentional falls 26,009, motor vehicle- 33,687, and poisoning- 33,041, you have to wonder why the media is making such a huge deal about it? Are 1108 unintentional deaths a bad thing? Sure, and thanks to the NRA, that number has been lowered significantly over time. Is it a plague that requires massive intrusions into public liberties? Certainly not. This is just another attempt by corporate media to sway the American people into believing that guns are the most evil problem facing us all. They really subscribe to the philosophy that "tell a lie often enough, and eventually people will believe it".

I saw a clip from said show this am. It showed a very small child firing a full auto rifle bigger than him. Really pathetic until I heard the accent, yup I do have certain preconceived views regarding the south, and will admit it. Then there was the small boy whose dad took him to a show where he fired a FA uzi and shot himself and died. So no I don't buy this non logic of letting small kids handle guns. I could use the same logic toward letting a preschooler drive a car, use my nail gun or welder. Children may be able to handle a gun but they are incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions. Responsible people should lockup their guns but what about friends whose parents may not be as smart? Banning guns is not the answer, but something has to change. Gun violence is getting out of hand and more guns certainly is not an answer. Constitutional rights are fine but we should not have to fear for our children's lives while they are in school. I don't believe the 2nd amendment right comes without the use of commonsense and responsibility. Yes I own guns.

Handling a gun doesn't mean shooting a gun. Educating a child to teach the difference between a real gun and a toy is not a bad thing. Neither I or Ankh said anything about letting a small child actually fire a gun. If you choose to NOT educate your child about this, then all I can say is good luck if the child ever finds a real, loaded, firearm.

Correction: SOME children are capable of understanding the consequences of handling a gun. The one's who take and pass a hunter safety course.

Hunter and rje, Yes education can make the difference and some children can and do understand about guns. Hunters in particular are the least of my worries, well there are a few that worry me but that's life. I was reacting to clips shown on GMA. Hunting is a lot different than just shootin stuff.

Agreed. And the most dangerous people who "shoot stuff" are the kids who sit in their PJ's in their parent's basement playing violent, first-person shooter video games. This type of "death porn" desensitizes young minds to violence without teaching them anything about the awesome power of real guns. It's what fuels the already unstable minds of all these recent mass-shooters like Adam Lanza, et al.

First let me preface this by saying the main stream media is against guns and this episode will be baised against guns. Schools and their no tolerance policy is the greatest danger to kids today, suspending a child because he brings a lego gun the size of a penny to school, or suspending a child because he chews a pop tart into looking like a gun is damaging, Stigmatizing guns and gun owners just makes kids curious telling a kid a gun is dangerous and to stay away, does what to a kid? makes him curious, you know what I am talking about we were kids once also, when your parents told you to stay away from something what did you do? Bring in an NRA class to students, bring in Gun Owners to students, teach them the value of the firearm have them touch, feel, understand, have a class trip to a range show them the power and devastation of what a gun can do,,,then and only then will they respect and know how dangerous a gun can be in the wrong hands. Take the blinders off and give kids the credit they deserve they are starving minds who want to know, making anything taboo will only spur them to discover... exposure of anything to children will make it old hat, trying to hide someting from a child will only make them seek out is best to guide them so they KNOW.. And tragic events will not happen because they will be taught and will know what to do, as far as this ABC show mark my words it will be anti gun an make guns look bad....

Right. I've always said that parents (and others) should show kids guns if they are to be kept in the home. Let them feel the weight of the steel and know the difference between a toy gun and a real gun. Take him out and show him what a real gun can do. Then lock it up. If a kid does happen to get his hands on a real gun, wouldn't you feel better if he knew it wasn't a toy?

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