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Letter: Punctuation with a point?

Why does the Monitor put quotation marks around “polar vortex”? Trying to placate the anti-science crowd, are we? If that’s the case, then stuff it, as the NBC meteorologist would say.



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Well, are you placated?

LOL......not really. Have you checked the polls on the percentage of people who believe in global warming. It is at an all time low. That is thanks to absolutists who preach the politics of it like fire and brimstone.

We're not talking about global warming. We're talking about the polar vortex which Rush said was a recent fabrication by the left. It's been around a long, long time.

Anti-Science crowd? You mean people who question the science? The devil is in the details and if your read the 'doc'uments closely enough you will see that it is all conjecture, nothing quite settled.

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