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Letter: Stop the deportations

To President Obama: Every single day in the United States, more than 1,000 immigrants are torn from their families and communities, and millions more watch in fear, wondering if they or their loved ones will be next. You have the power to stop these deportations, and we urge you to do so at once.

In a matter of weeks, we will reach a shameful benchmark – 2 million human beings deported during your administration alone. It is a sad irony that these millions have been removed during a time of promise for meaningful reform to our immigration laws, and a path to citizenship for these same undocumented people.

According to the National Immigration Law Center, there are multiple avenues for prosecutorial discretion that can be utilized and broadened for the benefit of undocumented immigrants and the families who love and need them. Just as you authorized Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to bring temporary relief to undocumented youth, you can direct the Department of Homeland Security to administer various forms of temporary relief for the millions who are waiting for the creation of a real path to citizenship.

In addition to legal authority, you have a moral responsibility to relieve the suffering of immigrant families. Every person deported is part of a community and a family unit, and often they are wage earners contributing to the financial stability of their loved ones and their communities.

We urge your immediate action to address this crisis.



(The writers represent the American Friends Service Committee. The letter was also signed by Sarah Jane Knoy of the Granite State Organizing Project, Alejandro Urrutia of Latinos Unidos, the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, Eva Castillo of the New Hampshire Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees, and Nancy Pape of the New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ Immigration Working Group.)

Legacy Comments7

There are no easy, simple, solutions that aren't wrong. Like it or not, the deportees, and the migrant laborers from whom they're drawn, are part of our economic way of life--cheap labor doing the dirty, hazardous, and often thankless work most Americans won't do. The pay is low, the work is hard, the conditions grueling. We've had some such system in place since the 1930's, and it's always been easy for Americans to turn a blind eye to the conditions in the fields and slaughterhouses that attract illegals. It's simplistic to call for their deportation--more will come to take their place. Reforms to the agri-businesses that depend on illegals as a source of cheap labor, more humane treatment and better conditions for those who do our dirty work, and measures to improve the economic prospects of ordinary citizens of the Central American countries who have little choice but to come north, are all parts of the solution.

TO THE WRITERS AND SIGNERS OF THIS LETTER. Why do you promote illegal activities? Why do you feel these people do not have to follow the laws of this country? Since you feel these people do not have to follow the law, why does anyone else have to follow a law they don't like? I do notice at no point in the letter do you even admit they are here illegally........ I say enforce the laws and make the fine larger for any employer found employing an illegal alien. If employers stop hiring illegals then the problem gets solved by itself. With no job prospects then there is no incentive to come...... I have nothing against legal immigration and enforcing the laws does nothing to stop a person from going through the system "legally". Please Mr. Obama and Congress - enforce the laws.

No worries, these are the Quaker extremists who allow emotion to stand clearly in the way of their intelligence.

Why don't we address the issue of why illegals come here? In the south east and south west they are recruited by agriculture concerns (farms) to fill the need for cheap farm labor. Many true Americans are too good for that. In the northern states there are many service jobs as well as agriculture. The large janitorial companies are an easy source of jobs for cheap labor. Without the promise of jobs the incentive to cross the borders is drastically impacted. While there are laws concerning hiring illegals, these are even more of a joke than those targeting the person. Perhaps if we enforced the laws on the books equally this would not be as much of an issue. However no one seems to want to harm a business, even if they are the cause of the problem in the first place. Today, we make the actual undocumented worker out as the villain because it is easy to point the finger of blame. Truth is, these illegals don't take jobs from your average American. Businesses wouldn't need them if they could get cheap legal workers, but alas profits are king. So we have a problem.

I simply do not agree. This is a country of immigrants, but let them come here legally, using the methods we determine. Just because they got in illegally doesn't mean they should be granted rights and legal status. One thing most politicians new talk about is controlling the yearly numbers of those coming here. Our borders are looked at like some sort of open door, with all welcome at any time, but this approach is doing far more damage than good. Why should ANY taxpayer become responsible for those who knowingly get here illegally? What a shaft job! Nothing the founding fathers wrote prevents us from controlling our rate of growth from immigration, and the sooner we start doing so, the better things will get.

STOP THE DEPORTATIONS?!?!? What deportations?!?!? We need MORE DEPORTATIONS!!!!

If they are here illegally which I am guessing the term " undocumented" infers, then that is a crime. We are a nation of laws and they need to be deported. If the concern is to keep the family together,the bread winner needs to apply for visa' s in their native land so the entire family can legally return together.

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