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Letter: Catholic teachings are worth striving toward

I read with interest the story on a survey of some European Catholics and how they have rejected the Church’s teaching on sexual morality (“Catholics reject church’s sex rules,” Monitor Religion page, Feb. 8).

Personally speaking as a convert to Catholic Christianity, I have found the church’s teaching, which is based on the Bible and 2,000 years of the Church, to be something we should strive to live out, even though at times not easy. (Many things in life that are worthwhile are not easy!)

Here are two examples: the teaching that children are a gift from God and that fertility is a gift, too, that should be controlled by only natural methods rather than chemical. These teachings are good and by God’s grace we try to live them as part of our faith.

Please occasionally highlight positive stories about faith. For example Catholic Charities does a tremendous amount of work in the state, including running the food bank and working with the elderly.



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"Thou shalt not place latex on your member" - why is this a Catholic teaching worth striving toward???

We do need to get back to higher moral values with more emphasis on the family. However the Catholic Church and abstinence, you're kidding me right. The Catholic Church has more blood on it's hands than any other "religious" group all based on it''s quest for riches in the last 2 thousand years. You don't need the panacea of organized religion to better ones self or become more moral. Alas the human existence would not be what it was without the Dark Ages, Inquisition, genocide of the indigenous peoples of South and Central America for the "holy" gold and the list goes on. There is also the funneling of Nazi's to South America before they could be captured. Yes, quite the history of benevolence, or is it malevolence.

Dept. of Ed: Catholic H.S. Students Twice as Likely to Graduate College

CY birth control, abortions, child support from missing parents, child abandonment, etc are all issues facing married people as well as single parents. And let's face it while the Catholic church as defined by JESUS is one thing the Catholic Church as practiced by its leaders is another. Remember the inquisition, the selling of indulgences( buy your way into heaven), the abuse of children. These are all part of the history of the Catholic Church and it's leaders. The Church needs to practice what it preaches.

Regardless of your opinion of the Catholic church, we really should try to do a better job of teaching our children good moral values. It will only help them in the long run.

The question then becomes who's morals and who's values. Every religion interprets them differently. What's OK in one can get you an eternity of suffering. Values and morals can not be defined by a single religion as your invisible friend is not mine. Too many wars have already been fought over a difference in beliefs. We don't need anymore

How about we start with the Golden Rule and go from there.

Just think how much pain and suffering that would be avoided if our children (and single adults) abstained from pre-marital sex...there would be absolutely no fear of unplanned pregnancy, wouldn't have to worry about birth control, abortions, child support from missing parents, child abandonment, etc. It is possible there would be fewer unhappy marriages and/or divorces since people wouldn't feel the need to get married because they have a little one "one the way". We would be completely free from STDs. If you think about it, abstinence and monogamy really could prevent a whole lot of unhappiness in this world. Could be it is not a "rule" but just good advice. Just saying...

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