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Letter: Get rid of Kuster, Shaheen, Shea-Porter

Let’s look at the states where President Obama has high approval ratings. The top six are Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. Now look at some of the worst states for taxes: New York, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maryland.

Do you notice a pattern? High taxes equal a strong Democratic state.

In New Hampshire, our three Democratic ladies are embracing President Obama’s policies. U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster even gave Obama a kiss to solidify her approval. Of course, they are not subject to his policies, including Obamacare. In addition, our three ladies approve raising the minimum wage. However, Kuster and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter have unpaid interns. Of course, 96 percent of the Democrats have unpaid interns. The Democrats practice “Do as I say, not as I do.” We need to vote out Kuster. We need to vote out Shea-Porter. We need to vote out Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

A leading Democrat asks, “How do we get rid of the corruption in Washington?” My answer: Vote out the party responsible for the corruption, IRS scandal, Benghazi and Obamacare. What difference will it make? A lot.



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Washington Examiner analysis? Another joke, right?

I fail to follow the writers point on interns. The whole point of interns is to provide experience, job exposure and a learning experience. There are interns in all walks of business, your point was what exactly. Anyone that believes that corruption is a strictly democratic issue really has no grasp on reality. Come back when you have a real point to make.

Notable Republican Senators who do NOT pay their interns: Lamar Alexander, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz - and New Hampshire's own Kelly Ayotte. (Source: The Atlantic [])

STOP THE SPENDING - VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS - Democrats in Congress sponsored 618 bills in 2013 at a cost of $1.35 trillion, according to a Washington Examiner analysis. Of the 70 members who sponsored the largest number of spending bills, 65 were Democrats, four were Republicans and one an independent.

Care to cite your source? We all know how "credible" you are stating the true facts.

reading comprehension for liberal, progressive socialists - right there smack dab in the middle of the post it says.......drum roll please......ta da ! - "Washington Examiner". We all know how hard it is for you to pull you head out of leftist rhetoric to read "credible " sources and learn the truth

There you go again. Ranting and raving. It is well known that you will "Skew" the facts from your cited sources. As the Washington Examiner has umpteen millions of articles, It would be nice to know which one your "skewing " your facts from. Your credibility seems to be lacking again!

Well it is of no surprise that the 2013 Congress only passed 56 bills. "The 2013 session was clearly not a productive one, not with only 56 bills becoming law. But of those measures signed by President Barack Obama, only 16 were introduced by Democrats. The other 40 pieces of enacted legislation were sponsored by Republican lawmakers."( Sponsoring is one thing, getting passed is different

What? Don't we have enough "laws" now. Is it the job of Congress to be perpetually passing new "laws" How about discussion and debate and thinking and conversation instead of trying to pass law after law after law. How many of those laws are not enforced, Obama picks and chooses immigration laws that he wants to follow. The notion that the more "laws" pass the better is so out of touch and such a naive and ignorant view.

Republican Lead House actually sent almost 400 Bills to the Obstructionist democrats in the Senate. You may remember they have actually passed 4 years of budgets in the Republican House to only die by the democrats obstructionist hands

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