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Letter: Merely an accident of birth

Re “Catholic teachings are worth striving toward” (Monitor letter, Feb. 11):

Caroline Judd sounds like a true Catholic. In commenting on the article about European Catholics rejecting the Church’s rules on sex, she makes clear that she obviously believes in the tenets of the Catholic Church.

It baffles me how people can call themselves Catholics when they don’t believe in the teachings of that religion. It’s fairly simple, I would think. One hundred percent of Catholics believe in the Church’s rules on sex. If you don’t believe them, then you obviously aren’t Catholic. If someone is professing to be vegan in the middle of wolfing down a cheeseburger, I’m going to have trouble believing him. It’s much the same as claiming to belong to a religion while discounting its teachings.

You can’t change your ethnicity. If you’re of German decent, you’re German. I’m Scots/Irish and French; I can’t change that. But religion is merely an accident of birth. You usually are whatever faith your parents were. So if you don’t hold those same beliefs, find a religion that fits what you believe. Or, you really don’t have to belong to any religion if none of them teach what your views are.

Religion is not compulsory. You don’t have to subscribe to something you don’t believe in.



Legacy Comments9

There is a difference between being responsible and being able to afford to go out of network. Affordable Health Care needs to include choice that is affordable. You do not get that with narrow networks. Many hospitals have no clue why they were not included in the networks. Some could make the argument that the networks are narrow because of the low reimbursement rates for care. Happened with health care facilities dropping Medicaid and medicare patients recently. We have not even seen what the employee mandate will do in regards to more folks losing their coverage. Corps are not the ones who are dropping plans numbers wise, it is small business that runs on narrow profits. As far as religions goes. All religions have outdated tenets, and their followers have adapted those tenets, especially the ones that were outdated. You are a product of your parents on all levels, if you dislike what you were exposed to with them, at least you grow up and have choice. And that exposure actually benefited you by finding out what works for you.We blame a lot of things on our parents, and I am sure your kids will find fault with you as a parent on some level. Unless you are under the belief that you are perfect. Nobody is, it is human nature to make mistakes at the particular age we are at. The smart thing is to learn from those mistakes not repeat them.

Mr. O'Neal, I was raised a Catholic. It's a form of brainwashing in which any questions are immediately shut down in the name of God. It takes a *really* long time to realize one has a choice.

In drawing a comparison between being a Catholic and being a Vegan, Rick exposes an interesting phenomenon: Many Vegans practice Veganism as if it were a religion - "Crusading" to "convert" as many people as they can.

Once again Dan thinks "wit" trumps thoughtful discussion. So, let's ask Dan and his ilk this - when was the last time a vegan "crusaded" with laws that lashed an adulter to a stake (which is being debated in the State House) or told a women what to do with her body, or wrote misogyny laws that prevented people of different races from marrying or laws that terrorized Americans with anti-communist propaganda? It sure as heck wasn't any vegan, was it Dan? But, for folks like Dan, picking up a history text would revels some inconvenient truths about how religion - especially Christianity - has a large influence on how this nation was shaped - and not for the better, in many instances.

When was the last person "lashed at the stake" in this country? Telling a woman what to do with her body.....? I totally agree. But what about the government through Obamacare telling us what to do with our bodies and who can be out doctors and insurance companies. I want to see my doctor but the government will not allow me to have control over my body,,,,,interesting, huh? When was the last time that people of different races could not marry? Why do your progressive rely on what you consider mistakes in history to rail against everyone. Honestly, that was then, this is now. No one is going to be lashed or terrorized or stopped from marrying out of their race......and there is no indication that anyone is going that way. Now lashing, it would never happen but I would love to lash some progressives, I can't imagine what else could wake them up to reality. And Christianity, here we go again.....did your mother make you go to church and you didn't like it? How sad that you believe in nothing bigger than yourself and politicians.

Your free to see any doctor you want. You just need to be responsible and pay for it.

Under Obamacare you CAN'T keep your doctor. If you have to pay extra, that is not how it was sold...Jeanne Shaheen. They took away people's good health care that they had and paid for and gave better health care to a select few and they pay less.........stupid.

You are right about one thing, people don't like to be told they have to do something, even if it's for their own good. Who in their right mind who opt against health insurance, given the costs today. But tell people they have to buy it and what happens, people scream, cry, rant and carry on like someone is performing a root canal with no anesthesia. People did the same thing about their doctor when HMO's first came out in the late 70's with their coverage rules. It's a non issue today. People just don't want choices made for them. even if they benefit from it, it's like they value their right to make stupid choices. Just look at seat belts, NH has a high voluntary usage. Pass a seat belt law and those people that use seat belts voluntarily will be the loudest objectors. Go figure. On religion don't get me going, we really did need all the wars, Inquisitions , witch burnings and pagan genocide.

Not sure what you're all upset about Mike. Let's see, I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-misogyny laws, and agree that organized religion has been responsible for more death and destruction than virtually anything else. In other words - WE AGREE! Seems you're lashing out at me simply BECAUSE you know I'm not a vegan. Thanks for proving my point, though - let's play again sometime!

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